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Chakradharpur - Howrah Passenger Time Table

Chakradharpur - Howrah Passenger (58012)Return Train : Howrah-Chakaradharpur Passenger (58011)
Type : PassengerZone : South Eastern
Departs from : Chakradharpur (CKP)Last Station : Kolkata Howrah Junction (HWH)
Departs at : 17:00Arrives at : 04:20
Total Distance : 439 kmNumber of halts : 43
Total Travel Time : 11h 20mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Chakradharpur (CKP) START17:0010 KmChakradharpur (West Singhbhum), Jharkhand
2Barabambo (BRM) 17:0817:091m110 KmBarabambo Station, Jharkhand
3Rajkharsawan Junction (RKSN) 17:2017:222m120 KmWest Singhbhum district, Jharkhand
4Mahali Marup (MMV) 17:2817:291m127 KmMahali Marup Station, Jharkhand
5Sini Junction (SINI) 17:3817:391m135 KmNational Highway 33, Jharkhand
6Kandra (KND) 17:5717:581m148 KmJamshedpur, Jharkhand
7Kunki (KZU) 18:0518:061m151 KmNational Highway 33, Jharkhand
8Manikul (MIK) 18:1318:141m156 KmJharkhand 832401, Jharkhand
9Chandil Junction (CNI) 18:5018:555m162 KmChandil, Jharkhand
10Nimdih (NIM) 19:0219:031m170 KmNational Highway 32, Jharkhand
11Biramdih (BRMD) 19:1119:121m179 KmNational Highway 32, West Bengal
12Barabhum (BBM) 19:1719:181m184 KmBalarampur, West Bengal
13Urma (URMA) 19:2919:301m193 KmNational Highway 32, West Bengal
14Kantadih (KTD) 19:3719:381m1101 KmNational Highway 32, West Bengal
15Tamna (TAO) 19:4519:461m1109 KmNational Highway 32, West Bengal
16Purulia Junction (PRR) 20:0020:077m1116 KmPurulia, West Bengal
17Chharra (CHRA) 20:1320:141m1123 KmPurulia, West Bengal
18Kustaur (KSU) 20:1920:201m1133 KmPurulia, West Bengal
19Bagalia (BGA) 20:2720:281m1136 KmPurulia, West Bengal
20Anara (ANR) 20:3920:401m1142 Kmdist - Purulia, West Bengal
21Garhdhrubeswar (GRB) 20:5020:511m1148 KmPurulia, West Bengal
22Adra Junction (ADRA) 21:2022:0040m1155 KmDist - Puruliya, West Bengal
22.1Adra East Cabin (ADRE) 22:0222:021157 KmPurulia.Div HQ SER, West Bengal
23Metyal Sahar PH (MYX) 22:0922:101m1163 KmWest Bengal, West Bengal
24Indrabil (IBL) 22:1622:171m1169 KmPurulia District, West Bengal
25Sirjam (SRJM) 22:2422:251m1176 KmPurulia District, West Bengal
26Jhantipahari (JPH) 22:3322:341m1185 KmBankura District, West Bengal
27Chhatna (CJN) 22:4322:441m1194 KmChhatna, West Bengal
27.1Anchuri (ANCR) 22:4722:471197 KmNational Highway 60A, West Bengal
28Bankura Junction (BQA) 22:5723:025m1208 KmDist - Bankura, West Bengal
28.1Bheduasol (BXL) 23:0723:071215 KmNational Highway 60, West Bengal
28.2Kalisen (KISN) 23:1023:101219 KmNational Highway 60, West Bengal
29Ondagram (ODM) 23:1323:141m1224 KmOnda, West Bengal
30Ramsagar (RSG) 23:2323:241m1233 KmBankura, West Bengal
31Bishnupur (VSU) 23:2923:301m1238 Kmdist - Bankura, West Bengal
32Piardoba (PBA) 23:4423:451m1250 KmDist - Bankura, West Bengal
32.1Bogri Road (BGO) 23:5323:531259 KmBridge over Krishnanagore, West Bengal
33Garhbeta (GBA) 23:5723:581m1263 KmMedinipur, West Bengal
34Chandrakona Road (CDGR) 00:1200:131m2275 KmChandrakona Rd, West Bengal
35Salboni (SLB) 00:2300:241m2286 KmSalbani, West Bengal
35.1Godapiasal (GSL) 00:4000:402299 KmGodapiasal, West Bengal
35.2Bhadutala (BUTA) 00:4600:462304 Kmdist - pashim medinipur, West Bengal
36Midnapore (MDN) 00:5501:005m2311 KmMedinipur, West Bengal
36.1Cossye Halt (CSY) 01:0701:072313 KmMedinipur West, West Bengal
36.2Gokulpur (GKL) 01:1601:162317 KmMidnapore, West Bengal
36.3Girimaidan (GMDN) 01:2501:252321 KmKharagpur, West Bengal
37Kharagpur Junction (KGP) 01:3001:4010m2323 KmKharagpur, West Bengal
37.1Jakpur (JPR) 01:4701:472330 KmJakpur, West Bengal
37.2Madpur (MPD) 01:5301:532336 KmKharagpur, West Bengal
37.3Shyam Chak (SMCK) 01:5901:592342 KmDist: West Medinipur, West Bengal
38Balichak (BCK) 02:0402:051m2348 KmKharagpur, West Bengal
38.1Duan (DUAN) 02:0802:082351 KmDist: West Medinipur, West Bengal
38.2Radhamohanpur (RDU) 02:1002:102354 KmDist: West Medinipur, West Bengal
38.3Haur (HAUR) 02:1402:142358 KmMedinipur, West Bengal
38.4Khirai (KHAI) 02:1802:182363 KmPaschim Medinipur, West Bengal
39Panskura Junction (PKU) 02:2202:231m2368 KmPanskura, West Bengal
39.1Narayan Pakuria Murail (NPMR) 02:2602:262371 KmPanskura- 721171, West Bengal
39.2Panskura East Outer (PKEO) 02:2602:262371 KmMurail, West Bengal
39.3Bhogpur (BOP) 02:2902:292375 KmMedinipur, West Bengal
39.4Nandaigajan P.H. (NDGJ) 02:3102:312377 KmNH41, West Bengal
40Mecheda (MCA) 02:3402:351m2380 Kmdist - purba Medinipur, West Bengal
40.1Kolaghat (KIG) 02:3802:382383 KmEast Medinipore, West Bengal
40.2Deulti (DTE) 02:4302:432388 KmDeulty, West Bengal
40.3Ghoraghata (GGTA) 02:4602:462391 KmGraghata Station, West Bengal
41Bagnan (BZN) 02:4902:501m2394 KmBagnan, West Bengal
41.1Kulgachia (KGY) 02:5802:582401 KmKulgachia, West Bengal
41.2Bir Shibpur (BSBP) 02:5902:592402 KmDist: Howrah, West Bengal
42Uluberia (ULB) 03:0303:041m2406 Kmdist - howrah, West Bengal
43Phuleswar (FLR) 03:0903:101m2409 KmHowrah, West Bengal
43.1Chengel (CGA) 03:1303:132411 KmNational Highway 6, West Bengal
44Bauria Junction (BVA) 03:1703:181m2414 KmHowrah, West Bengal
44.1Nalpur (NALR) 03:2803:282418 KmHowrah, West Bengal
44.2Abada (ABB) 03:3403:342421 KmPin: 711313, West Bengal
44.3Sankrail (SEL) 03:3903:392423 KmSankrail, West Bengal
44.4Andul (ADL) 03:4903:492426 KmPin: 711302, West Bengal
44.5Maurigram (MRGM) 03:5303:532428 KmDist - Howrah, West Bengal
44.6Kolkata Santragachi Junction (SRC) 04:0104:012431 KmDist: Howrah - 711104, West Bengal
44.7Ramrajatala (RMJ) 04:0404:042432 KmHowrah, West Bengal
44.8Dashnagar (DSNR) 04:0904:092434 KmHowrah, West Bengal
44.9Tikiapara (TPKR) 04:1304:132436 KmHowrah, West Bengal
44.10Howrah Goods Cabin (HWHG) 04:1704:172437 KmHowrah, West Bengal
45Kolkata Howrah Junction (HWH) 04:20STOP2438 KmPh no: 033-26411326, West Bengal

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