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Kazipet-Ajni Passenger (UnReserved) Time Table

Kazipet-Ajni Passenger (UnReserved) (57136)Return Train : Ajni-Kazipet Passenger (UnReserved) (57135)
Type : PassengerZone : South Central
Departs from : Kazipet Junction (KZJ)Last Station : Ajni (AJNI)
Departs at : 21:15Arrives at : 11:25
Total Distance : 452 kmNumber of halts : 48
Total Travel Time : 14h 10mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Kazipet Junction (KZJ) START21:1510 KmWarangal District, Andhra Pradesh
2Hasanparthi Road (HSP) 21:2921:301m111 KmHasanparthy, Andhra Pradesh
3Uppal (OPL) 21:3921:401m123 KmUppal, Andhra Pradesh
4Jamikunta (JMKT) 21:4921:501m135 KmJammikunta, Andhra Pradesh
5Bisugir Sharif (BGSF) 21:5421:551m142 KmJammikunta, Andhra Pradesh
6Potkapalli (PTKP) 22:0422:051m151 KmPotkapalli, Andhra Pradesh
7Odela (OEA) 22:0922:101m156 KmOdela, Andhra Pradesh
8Kolanoor (KOLR) 22:1922:201m161 KmKarimnagar, Andhra Pradesh
9Kottapally (KYOP) 22:2222:253m166 KmKottapalli, Andhra Pradesh
10Peddapalli Junction (PDPL) 22:3422:351m175 KmPeddapalli, Andhra Pradesh
11Raghavapuram (RGPM) 22:4422:451m182 KmRaghavapuram, Andhra Pradesh
12Ramagundam (RDM) 22:5923:001m192 KmKarimnagar, Andhra Pradesh
13Peddampet (PPZ) 23:0923:101m197 KmNaspur, Andhra Pradesh
14Manchiryal (MCI) 23:1923:201m1106 KmMancherial, Andhra Pradesh
15Ravindrakhani (RVKH) 23:2923:301m1112 KmAdilabad, Andhra Pradesh
16Mandamari (MMZ) 23:3923:401m1116 KmAdilabad, Andhra Pradesh
17Belampalli (BPA) 00:0400:051m2127 KmAdilabad Dist 504251, Andhra Pradesh
18Rechni Road (RECH) 00:1400:151m2136 KmAdilabad, Andhra Pradesh
18.1Repalliwada (RLW) 00:2000:202144 KmSH 1, Andhra Pradesh
19Asifabad Road (ASAF) 00:2400:251m2150 KmAdilabad, Andhra Pradesh
19.1Ralapet (RLT) 00:3900:392158 KmSH 1, Andhra Pradesh
20Sirpur Kaghaznagar (SKZR) 00:5000:555m2164 KmKaghaznagar, Andhra Pradesh
20.1Vempalli (VEM) 01:0701:072174 KmKaghaznagar, Andhra Pradesh
21Sirpur Town (SRUR) 01:1901:201m2182 KmSirpur, Andhra Pradesh
22Makudi (MKDI) 01:2901:301m2201 KmMakudi, Maharashtra
23Wirur (WIRR) 01:3901:401m2206 KmChandrapur, Maharashtra
24Wihirgaon (VHGN) 01:5902:001m2216 KmBalharshah, Maharashtra
25Manikgarh (MAGH) 02:2902:301m2224 KmManikgarh, Maharashtra
26Balharshah Junction (BPQ) 03:4004:1030m2234 KmBallarpur, Maharashtra
26.1Gondwanavisapur (GNVR) 04:1204:122238 KmVisapur, Maharashtra
26.2Wasanapura (VSP) 04:1204:122238 KmVisapur, Maharashtra
27Babupeth (BUPH) 04:1504:161m2243 KmChandrapur, Maharashtra
28Chandrapur Maharashtra (CD) 04:2304:241m2248 KmChandrapur, Maharashtra
28.1Vivekananda Nagar (VVKN) 04:3504:352255 KmChandrapur, Maharashtra
28.2Chotipadoli (CPW) 04:3504:352255 KmChandrapur, Maharashtra
29Tadali (TAE) 04:4704:481m2262 KmTadali, Maharashtra
30Bhandak (BUX) 04:5905:001m2272 KmChandrapur, Maharashtra
31Majri Junction (MJRI) 05:0905:101m2282 KmDist. Chandrapur, Maharashtra
32Warora (WRR) 05:2405:251m2294 KmWarora, Maharashtra
33Chikni Road (CKNI) 05:3405:351m2305 KmChandrapur, Maharashtra
34Nagri (NGI) 05:4405:451m2316 KmRayalseema, Andhra Pradesh
35Yenor (YNA) 05:5405:551m2326 KmMumbai, Maharashtra
36Hinganghat (HGT) 06:0906:101m2333 KmHinganghat, Maharashtra
37Wagholi (WG) 06:1906:201m2341 KmWagholi, Maharashtra
38Sonegaon (SNN) 06:2906:301m2349 KmWardha, Maharashtra
39Bhugaon (BPK) 06:3906:401m2356 KmWardha, Maharashtra
40Chitoda (CHJC) 06:4906:501m2360 KmWardha, Maharashtra
41Sewagram Junction (SEGM) 06:5807:002m2366 KmWardha, Maharashtra
42Varud (VADR) 07:0307:074m2383 KmSewagram, Maharashtra
43Seloo Road (SLOR) 07:1407:151m2390 KmMSH3, Maharashtra
44Tuljapur (TGP) 07:2907:301m2400 KmTuljapur, Maharashtra
45Sindi (SNI) 07:5407:551m2408 KmWardha, Maharashtra
46Borkhedi (BOK) 08:0408:051m2419 KmWardha, Maharashtra
47Buti Bori (BTBR) 08:1908:201m2427 KmButi Bori, Maharashtra
48Gumgaon (GMG) 08:2908:301m2436 KmNagpur, Maharashtra
49Khapri (KRI) 08:3908:401m2442 KmNagpur, Maharashtra
50Ajni (AJNI) 11:25STOP2451 KmNagpur 440003, Maharashtra

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