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Nanded-Daund Passenger Time Table

Nanded-Daund Passenger (57516)Return Train : Daund-Hazur Sahib Nanded Passenger (57515)
Type : PassengerZone : South Central
Departs from : Hazur Sahib Nanded (NED)Last Station : Daund Junction (DD)
Departs at : 20:30Arrives at : 11:55
Total Distance : 586 kmNumber of halts : 53
Total Travel Time : 15h 25mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Hazur Sahib Nanded (NED) START20:3010 KmNanded 431601, Maharashtra
2Wanegaon (WNG) 20:3720:381m16 KmChudawa, Maharashtra
3Limbgaon (LBG) 20:4520:461m111 KmHuzur Sahib Nanded, Maharashtra
4Chudawa (CRU) 20:5520:561m120 KmHingoli, Maharashtra
5Purna Junction (PAU) 21:0521:105m130 KmPurna, Maharashtra
6Mirkhal (MQL) 21:2221:231m142 KmPurna, Maharashtra
7Pingli (PIZ) 21:2721:281m148 KmParbhani, Maharashtra
8Parbhani Junction (PBN) 21:4321:452m159 KmParbhani 431401, Maharashtra
9Pergaon (PG) 21:5922:001m171 KmParbhani, Maharashtra
10Devalgaon Avchar (DAV) 22:0922:101m177 KmParbhani, Maharashtra
11Manwath Road (MVO) 22:2422:251m186 KmParbhani, Maharashtra
12Dhengli Pimpalgaon (DGPP) 22:4922:501m191 KmSatuna, Maharashtra
13Selu (SELU) 22:5923:001m1101 KmParbhani, Maharashtra
14Satuna (SCO) 23:0923:101m1111 KmSatona, Maharashtra
15Usmanpur (UPR) 23:2923:301m1119 KmUsmanpur, Maharashtra
16Partur (PTU) 23:3923:401m1129 KmJalna, Maharashtra
17Paradgaon (PDG) 23:5423:551m1136 KmUsmanpur, Maharashtra
18Ranjani (RNE) 00:0900:101m2142 KmJalna, Maharashtra
19Kodi (KODI) 00:2400:251m2153 KmRanjani, Maharashtra
20Sarwari (SVD) 00:3400:351m2163 KmRanjani, Maharashtra
21Jalna (J) 01:0001:022m2173 KmJalna, Maharashtra
22Badnapur (BDU) 01:1901:201m2192 KmJalna, Maharashtra
23Karmad (KMV) 01:3401:351m2207 KmAurangabad, Maharashtra
24Chikalthan (CTH) 01:4901:501m2211 KmAurangabad, Maharashtra
25Mukundwadi Halt (MKDD) 01:5401:551m2226 KmAurangabad, Maharashtra
26Aurangabad (AWB) 02:2002:255m2236 KmAurangabad, Maharashtra
27Daulatabad (DLB) 02:3802:391m2248 KmDaulatabad, Maharashtra
28Potul (POZ) 02:4702:481m2257 KmLasur, Maharashtra
29Lasur (LSR) 02:5702:581m2269 KmAurangabad, Maharashtra
30Karanjgaon (KAJG) 03:0903:101m2279 KmLasur, Maharashtra
31Parsoda (PSD) 03:1903:201m2284 KmRotegaon, Maharashtra
32Rotegaon (RGO) 03:4403:451m2296 KmAurangabad, Maharashtra
33Taru (TR) 03:5904:001m2318 KmTaru, Maharashtra
34Nagarsol (NSL) 04:1404:151m2324 KmDist. Nashik, Maharashtra
35Ankai (ANK) 04:5404:551m2334 KmDist. Nashik, Maharashtra
35.1Ankaikila (AAK) 05:0205:022339 KmNasik Dist, Maharashtra
36Manmad Junction (MMR) 05:1505:205m2347 KmManmad 423104, Maharashtra
36.1Ankaikila (AAK) 05:3305:332356 KmNasik Dist, Maharashtra
36.2Ankai (ANK) 05:4005:402360 KmDist. Nashik, Maharashtra
37Yeola (YL) 06:0406:051m2376 KmYeola, Maharashtra
38Kopargaon (KPG) 06:1906:201m2389 KmKopargaon 423601, Maharashtra
38.1Sanvatsar (SNVR) 06:2806:282397 KmNagpur-Aurngabad-Mumbai Hwy, Maharashtra
39Kanhegaon (KNGN) 06:3506:361m2405 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
40Puntamba Junction (PB) 06:4506:461m2414 KmPuntamba, Maharashtra
41Chitali (CIT) 06:5506:561m2423 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
42Belapur (BAP) 07:0907:101m2434 KmShrirampur, Maharashtra
43Nipani Vadgaon (NPW) 07:1607:171m2440 KmChitali, Maharashtra
44Padhegaon (PDGN) 07:2407:251m2446 KmBelapur, Maharashtra
44.1Taklimiya (TKMY) 07:3407:342455 KmVambori, Maharashtra
45Rahuri (RRI) 07:3907:401m2460 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
46Vambori (VBR) 07:5407:551m2474 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
47Vilad (VL) 08:1908:201m2485 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
47.1Nimblak (NNB) 08:4508:452494 KmAhmednagar, Maharashtra
48Ahmadnagar (ANG) 09:0709:125m2501 KmAhmednagar 414001, Maharashtra
49Akolner (AKR) 09:2609:271m2514 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
50Sarola (SRL) 09:3609:371m2520 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
51Ranjangaon Road (RNJD) 09:4909:501m2530 KmDist. Pune, Maharashtra
52Visapur (VPR) 09:5910:001m2536 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
53Belwandi (BWD) 10:1910:201m2550 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
54Shrigonda Road (SGND) 10:3910:401m2564 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
54.1Kashti (KSTH) 11:0911:092572 KmDaund, Maharashtra
54.2Daund Goods Yard (DDJA) 11:4811:482583 KmNew Daund, Maharashtra
54.3Daund Marshalling Yard (DDAM) 11:5211:522584 KmOld Daund, Maharashtra
55Daund Junction (DD) 11:55STOP2585 KmDaund 413801 Dist. Pune, Maharashtra

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