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Pune-Patna SF Express Time Table

Pune-Patna SF Express (12149)Return Train : Patna-Pune SF Express (12150)
Type : SuperfastZone : Central
Departs from : Pune Junction (PUNE)Last Station : Patna Junction (PNBE)
Departs at : 20:55Arrives at : 04:00
Total Distance : 1780 kmNumber of halts : 15
Total Travel Time : 31h 5mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Pune Junction (PUNE) START20:5510 KmPune 411001, Maharashtra
1.1Ghorpuri West (GPRW) 20:5720:5712 KmPune 411001, Maharashtra
1.2Hadapsar (HDP) 21:0021:0015 KmPune 411028, Maharashtra
1.3Manjari Budruk (MJBK) 21:0521:05110 KmPune 412307, Maharashtra
1.4Loni (LONI) 21:1021:10116 KmPune 412201, Maharashtra
1.5Uruli (URI) 21:2221:22128 KmDist. Pune 412202, Maharashtra
1.6Yevat (YT) 21:3321:33141 KmDist. Pune 412214, Maharashtra
1.7Khutbav (KTT) 21:3921:39147 KmShirur-Daund Rd Daund, Maharashtra
1.8Kedgaon (KDG) 21:4521:45154 KmDist. Pune 412203, Maharashtra
1.9Kadethan (KDTN) 21:5121:51160 KmDaund, Maharashtra
1.10Patas (PAA) 21:5421:54163 KmDist. Pune 412219, Maharashtra
1.11Daund Patas Road (DDAP) 21:5821:58167 KmDaund, Maharashtra
1.12Daund Goods Yard (DDJA) 22:0322:03173 KmNew Daund, Maharashtra
1.13Daund Marshalling Yard (DDAM) 22:0422:04174 KmOld Daund, Maharashtra
2Daund Junction (DD) 22:0522:2015m175 KmDaund 413801 Dist. Pune, Maharashtra
2.1Daund Marshalling Yard (DDAM) 22:2122:21176 KmOld Daund, Maharashtra
2.2Daund Goods Yard (DDJA) 22:2222:22177 KmNew Daund, Maharashtra
2.3Kashti (KSTH) 22:3222:32188 KmDaund, Maharashtra
2.4Shrigonda Road (SGND) 22:3922:39196 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
2.5Belwandi (BWD) 22:5222:521110 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
2.6Visapur (VPR) 23:0523:051124 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
2.7Ranjangaon Road (RNJD) 23:1023:101130 KmDist. Pune, Maharashtra
2.8Sarola (SRL) 23:2023:201141 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
2.9Akolner (AKR) 23:2523:251146 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
3Ahmadnagar (ANG) 23:3723:403m1159 KmAhmednagar 414001, Maharashtra
3.1Nimblak (NNB) 23:4723:471167 KmAhmednagar, Maharashtra
3.2Vilad (VL) 23:5523:551175 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
3.3Vambori (VBR) 00:0600:062187 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
3.4Rahuri (RRI) 00:1800:182200 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
3.5Taklimiya (TKMY) 00:2300:232205 KmVambori, Maharashtra
3.6Padhegaon (PDGN) 00:3200:322214 KmBelapur, Maharashtra
3.7Nipani Vadgaon (NPW) 00:3700:372220 KmChitali, Maharashtra
4Belapur (BAP) 00:4300:452m2226 KmShrirampur, Maharashtra
4.1Chitali (CIT) 00:5600:562238 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
4.2Puntamba Junction (PB) 01:0401:042247 KmPuntamba, Maharashtra
4.3Kanhegaon (KNGN) 01:1301:132256 KmAhmadnagar, Maharashtra
4.4Sanvatsar (SNVR) 01:2001:202263 KmNagpur-Aurngabad-Mumbai Hwy, Maharashtra
5Kopargaon (KPG) 01:2701:303m2271 KmKopargaon 423601, Maharashtra
5.1Yeola (YL) 01:4901:492285 KmYeola, Maharashtra
5.2Ankai (ANK) 02:1202:122300 KmDist. Nashik, Maharashtra
5.3Ankaikila (AAK) 02:1802:182305 KmNasik Dist, Maharashtra
6Manmad Junction (MMR) 02:3002:355m2313 KmManmad 423104, Maharashtra
6.1Panevadi (PNV) 02:3902:392319 KmPanevadi, Maharashtra
6.2Hisvahal (HSL) 02:4402:442327 KmHisvahal, Maharashtra
6.3Panjhan (PJN) 02:4702:472330 KmPanjhan, Maharashtra
6.4Nandgaon (NGN) 02:5202:522339 KmNandgaon, Maharashtra
6.5Pimpar Khed (PKE) 03:0003:002349 KmPimpar Khed, Maharashtra
6.6Naydongri (NI) 03:0603:062359 KmNaydongri, Maharashtra
6.7Rohini (RHNE) 03:1303:132369 KmRohini, Maharashtra
6.8Hirapur (HPR) 03:1503:152373 KmHirapur, Maharashtra
6.9Chalisgaon Junction (CSN) 03:2103:212381 KmChalisgaon 424101, Maharashtra
6.10Vaghli (VGL) 03:2703:272390 KmVaghli, Maharashtra
6.11Kajgaon (KJ) 03:3403:342400 KmKajgaon, Maharashtra
6.12Nagardevla (NGD) 03:3703:372405 KmNagardevla, Maharashtra
6.13Galan (GAA) 03:4403:442414 KmGalan, Maharashtra
6.14Pachora Junction (PC) 03:5103:512426 KmPachora 424201, Maharashtra
6.15Pardhande (PHQ) 03:5903:592438 KmPardhande, Maharashtra
6.16Maheji (MYJ) 04:0204:022442 KmJalgaon, Maharashtra
6.17Mhasavad (MWD) 04:0904:092452 KmMhasavad, Maharashtra
6.18Shirsoli (SS) 04:1604:162462 KmShirsoli, Maharashtra
6.19Jalgaon Junction (JL) 04:2404:242473 KmJalgaon 425001, Maharashtra
6.20Tarsod (TRW) 04:2904:292481 KmTarsod, Maharashtra
6.21Bhadli (BDI) 04:3104:312485 KmBhadli, Maharashtra
7Bhusaval Junction (BSL) 04:4004:5010m2497 KmBhusaval 425201, Maharashtra
7.1Bhusawal B Cabin (BSBN) 04:5404:542501 KmBhusawal, Maharashtra
7.2Duskheda (DSK) 04:5804:582504 KmDuskheda Station, Maharashtra
7.3Savda (SAV) 05:0905:092513 KmState Highway 4, Maharashtra
7.4Nimbhora (NB) 05:1905:192522 KmJalgaon, Maharashtra
7.5Raver (RV) 05:3205:322532 KmJalgaon, Maharashtra
7.6Waghoda (WGA) 05:3905:392537 KmEast Nimar, Madhya Pradesh
7.7Burhanpur (BAU) 05:5605:562552 KmBurhanpur, Madhya Pradesh
7.8Asirgarh Road (AGQ) 06:0706:072561 KmState Highway 27, Madhya Pradesh
7.9Chandni (CDI) 06:2006:202571 KmNepanagar Rd, Madhya Pradesh
7.10Nepanagar (NPNR) 06:2806:282578 KmState Highway 27, Madhya Pradesh
7.11Mandwa (MWA) 06:3506:352584 KmState Highway 27, Madhya Pradesh
7.12Sagphata (SXA) 06:4306:432590 KmKhandwa, Madhya Pradesh
7.13Dongargaon (DGN) 06:5206:522598 KmBorgaon, Madhya Pradesh
7.14Kohdad (KDK) 07:0207:022606 KmState Highway 15, Madhya Pradesh
7.15Bagmar (BMA) 07:0607:062610 KmState Highway 27, Madhya Pradesh
7.16Bargaon Gujar (BRGJ) 07:1407:142616 KmKhandwa, Madhya Pradesh
8Khandwa Junction (KNW) 07:2007:255m2621 KmKhandwa, Madhya Pradesh
8.1Mathela (MTA) 07:3107:312628 KmKhandwa, Madhya Pradesh
8.2Talvadiya (TLV) 07:3807:382637 KmKhandwa, Madhya Pradesh
8.3Surgaon Banjari (SGBJ) 07:4807:482648 KmKhandwa, Madhya Pradesh
8.4Charkheda Khurd (CKKD) 07:5807:582659 KmKhandwa, Madhya Pradesh
8.5Chhanera (CAER) 08:0408:042666 KmChhanera, Madhya Pradesh
8.6Barud (BRUD) 08:1208:122676 KmKhandwa, Madhya Pradesh
8.7Dagarhkeri (DRHI) 08:2108:212686 KmState Highway 15, Madhya Pradesh
8.8Khirkiya (KKN) 08:3008:302697 KmSH 15, Madhya Pradesh
8.9Kurawan (KRO) 08:3508:352703 KmSH 15, Madhya Pradesh
8.10Bhiringi (BRI) 08:4108:412710 KmSH 15, Madhya Pradesh
8.11Masangaon (MUO) 08:4508:452715 KmSH 15, Madhya Pradesh
8.12Palasner (PAL) 08:5008:502721 KmHarda, Madhya Pradesh
8.13Harda (HD) 08:5708:572728 KmHarda, Madhya Pradesh
8.14Charkhera (CRK) 09:0409:042736 KmNational Highway 59A, Madhya Pradesh
8.15Timarni (TBN) 09:0909:092743 KmTimarni, Madhya Pradesh
8.16Chhidgaon (CGO) 09:1709:172752 KmHarda, Madhya Pradesh
8.17Pagdhal (PGL) 09:2009:202756 KmPagdhal, Madhya Pradesh
8.18Bhaironpur (BIF) 09:2609:262763 KmSH 15, Madhya Pradesh
8.19Banapura (BPF) 09:3109:312768 KmSeoni Malwa, Madhya Pradesh
8.20Dharamkundi (DKI) 09:4009:402779 KmSH 15, Madhya Pradesh
8.21Khutwansa (KTZ) 09:4609:462786 KmSH 15, Madhya Pradesh
8.22Dularia (DRA) 09:5109:512792 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
8.23Itarsi B Cabin (ETB) 09:5609:562798 KmJamani, Madhya Pradesh
8.24Jujharpur Cabin (JUH) 10:0010:002803 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
8.25Itarsi Marshalling Yard (ITMA) 10:0010:002803 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
8.26Itarsi Junction (ET) 10:0110:012804 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
8.27Gurra (GRO) 10:1010:102815 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
8.28Sontalai (SQL) 10:1810:182824 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
8.29Bagra Tawa (BGTA) 10:2410:242831 KmBagra Tawa, Madhya Pradesh
8.30Guramkhedi (GMD) 10:3110:312840 KmSohagpur, Madhya Pradesh
8.31Sohagpur (SGP) 10:4410:442854 KmSohagpur, Madhya Pradesh
8.32Sobhapur (SXF) 10:5210:522864 KmState Highway 22, Madhya Pradesh
8.33Pipariya (PPI) 10:5810:582871 KmPiparia, Madhya Pradesh
8.34Bankhedi (BKH) 11:1511:152890 KmBankheri, Madhya Pradesh
8.35Junehta (JHT) 11:2011:202897 KmState Highway 22, Madhya Pradesh
8.36Salichauka Road (SCKR) 11:2911:292907 KmGadarwara, Madhya Pradesh
8.37Gadarwara (GAR) 11:4011:402921 KmNarsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
8.38Bohani (BNE) 11:5211:522934 KmNarsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
8.39Karapgaon (KFY) 11:5711:572940 KmNational Highway 26, Madhya Pradesh
8.40Kareli (KY) 12:0412:042949 KmKareli, Madhya Pradesh
8.41Narsinghpur (NU) 12:1812:182965 KmNarsimhapur, Madhya Pradesh
8.42Ghatpindrai (GPC) 12:2312:232971 KmGhatpindra, Madhya Pradesh
8.43Belkhera (BELD) 12:2812:282976 KmState Highway 22, Madhya Pradesh
8.44Karak Bel (KKB) 12:3212:322981 KmKarak Bel, Madhya Pradesh
8.45Shridham (SRID) 12:4512:452996 KmShridham, Madhya Pradesh
8.46Bikrampur (BMR) 12:5512:5521008 KmBalaghat, Madhya Pradesh
8.47Bhitoni (BHTN) 13:0513:0521020 KmJabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
8.48Bheraghat (BRGT) 13:1613:1621033 KmBheraghat, Madhya Pradesh
8.49Kachhpura (KEQ) 13:2613:2621044 KmJabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
8.50Madan Mahal (MML) 13:2713:2721046 KmJabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
8.51Howbagh Jabalpur (HBG) 13:2813:2821047 KmJabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
9Jabalpur Junction (JBP) 13:3013:4010m21049 KmJabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
9.1Adhartal (ADTL) 13:4613:4621057 KmJabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
9.2Deori (DOE) 13:5313:5321066 KmJabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
9.3Gosalpur (GSPR) 14:0114:0121077 KmJabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
9.4Sihora Road (SHR) 14:1014:1021088 KmJabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
9.5Dundi (DDCE) 14:2114:2121103 KmDundi, Madhya Pradesh
9.6Sleemanabad Road (SBD) 14:2914:2921112 KmSleemanabad, Madhya Pradesh
9.7Sansarpur (SNRR) 14:3214:3221117 KmNational Highway 7, Madhya Pradesh
9.8Niwar (NWR) 14:4614:4621135 KmKatni, Madhya Pradesh
9.9Madhavnagar Road (MDRR) 14:4714:4721137 KmMadhavnagar, Madhya Pradesh
9.10Katni South (KTES) 14:4914:4921139 KmKatni, Madhya Pradesh
10Katni Junction (KTE) 14:5014:555m21140 KmKatni, Madhya Pradesh
10.1Patwara (PTWA) 15:0315:0321149 KmNational Highway 34, Madhya Pradesh
10.2Jukehi (JKE) 15:1115:1121157 KmJukehi, Madhya Pradesh
10.3Pakara Road (PKRD) 15:2015:2021167 KmPakara, Madhya Pradesh
10.4Amdara (UDR) 15:2915:2921177 KmNational Highway 34, Madhya Pradesh
10.5Bhadanpur (BUU) 15:4115:4121190 KmNational Highway 7, Madhya Pradesh
11Maihar (MYR) 15:5315:552m21203 KmMaihar Railway Station, Madhya Pradesh
11.1Unchhera (UHR) 16:0716:0721217 KmUnchhera, Madhya Pradesh
11.2Lagargawan (LGCE) 16:1516:1521227 KmLagargawan, Madhya Pradesh
12Satna Junction (STA) 16:2516:3510m21238 KmSatna, Madhya Pradesh
12.1Sagma (SAGM) 16:4416:4421245 KmSatna, Madhya Pradesh
12.2Hati (HATI) 16:5616:5621252 KmMDR 11, Madhya Pradesh
12.3Jaitwar (JTW) 17:0617:0621258 KmJaitwar, Madhya Pradesh
12.4Khutaha (KTHA) 17:1717:1721266 KmMDR 11, Madhya Pradesh
12.5Chitahra (CTHR) 17:2817:2821273 KmMDR 11, Madhya Pradesh
12.6Majhagawan (MJG) 17:3717:3721279 KmMajhgawa, Madhya Pradesh
12.7Tikaria (TKYR) 17:5717:5721292 KmMDR 11, Madhya Pradesh
12.8Markundi (MKD) 18:0918:0921300 KmState Highway 11, Madhya Pradesh
12.9Barah Muafi (BQF) 18:2118:2121308 KmBarahmuafi, Uttar Pradesh
12.10Bansapahar (BNSP) 18:3018:3021314 KmBansapahar, Uttar Pradesh
12.11Manikpur Junction (MKP) 18:3318:3321316 KmManikpur, Uttar Pradesh
12.12Panhai (PNHI) 18:5218:5221328 KmManikpur, Uttar Pradesh
12.13Dabhaura (DBR) 19:0819:0821339 KmDabhaura, Uttar Pradesh
12.14Kataiya Dandi (KTDD) 19:2319:2321349 KmKataiya, Uttar Pradesh
12.15Bargarh (BRG) 19:3219:3221354 Km
12.16Majhiari (MJHR) 19:5719:5721371 KmNational Highway 76, Uttar Pradesh
12.17Shankargarh (SRJ) 20:1220:1221381 KmShankargarh, Uttar Pradesh
12.18Lohgara (LOG) 20:2220:2221387 KmLohgara, Uttar Pradesh
12.19Madaraha (MFX) 20:2720:2721391 KmNational Highway 76, Uttar Pradesh
12.20Jasra (JSR) 20:3120:3121393 KmJasra, Uttar Pradesh
12.21Iradatganj (IDGJ) 20:4020:4021399 KmAllahabad, Uttar Pradesh
12.22Link Jn Cabin (LKJN) 20:4720:4721404 KmAllahabad, Uttar Pradesh
12.23Naini Junction (NYN) 20:5420:5421408 KmAllahabad, Uttar Pradesh
13Allahabad Junction (ALD) 21:0521:3530m21416 KmAllahabad 211003, Uttar Pradesh
13.1Naini Junction (NYN) 21:4321:4321423 KmAllahabad, Uttar Pradesh
13.2Chheoki Junction (COI) 21:4521:4521425 KmAllahabad, Uttar Pradesh
13.3Karchana (KCN) 21:5421:5421434 KmKarchana, Uttar Pradesh
13.4Bheerpur (BEP) 22:0322:0321443 KmNH 76, Uttar Pradesh
13.5Meja Road (MJA) 22:1522:1521454 KmDistrict Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
13.6Unchdih (UND) 22:2422:2421462 KmUnchdih, Uttar Pradesh
13.7Manda Road (MNF) 22:3222:3221470 KmNH 76, Uttar Pradesh
13.8Jigna (JIA) 22:4122:4121479 KmNational Highway 76, Uttar Pradesh
13.9Gaipura (GAE) 22:4822:4821485 KmGaipura, Uttar Pradesh
13.10Birohe (BEO) 22:5622:5621493 KmNational Highway 76, Uttar Pradesh
13.11Vindhyachal (BDL) 23:0123:0121498 KmMirzapur, Uttar Pradesh
13.12Mirzapur (MZP) 23:0923:0921505 KmMirzapur, Uttar Pradesh
13.13Jhingura (JHG) 23:1723:1721513 KmNational Highway 7, Uttar Pradesh
13.14Pahara (PRE) 23:2523:2521521 KmNational Highway 7, Uttar Pradesh
13.15Dagmagpur (DAP) 23:3423:3421529 KmDagmagpur, Uttar Pradesh
13.16Chunar Junction (CAR) 23:4223:4221536 KmChunar Junction, Uttar Pradesh
13.17Kailahat (KYT) 23:5223:5221546 KmKailahat, Uttar Pradesh
13.18Ahraura Road (ARW) 00:0100:0131555 KmDist. Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh
13.19Jeonathpur (JEP) 00:0700:0731560 KmNational Highway 7, Uttar Pradesh
13.20New West Cabin (NEWC) 00:1400:1431567 KmMughal Sarai, Uttar Pradesh
14Mughal Sarai Junction (MGS) 00:1500:3015m31568 KmMughalsarai 232101, Uttar Pradesh
14.1Mughal Sarai Marshalling Yard (MGMY) 00:3200:3231571 KmMughalsarai, Uttar Pradesh
14.2EOCM (EOCM) 00:3600:3631577 KmChandauli Mjhwr, Uttar Pradesh
14.3Kuchman (KCA) 00:3800:3831579 KmKuchman, Uttar Pradesh
14.4Sakaldiha (SLD) 00:4300:4331587 KmState Highway 69, Uttar Pradesh
14.5Tulsi Ashram (TLAM) 00:4800:4831593 KmState Highway 69, Uttar Pradesh
14.6Dheena (DHA) 00:5300:5331600 KmDheena, Uttar Pradesh
14.7Bahora Chandil (BHCL) 00:5900:5931608 KmDhanapur Avahi Rd, Uttar Pradesh
14.8Zamania (ZNA) 01:0201:0231613 KmGhazipur, Uttar Pradesh
14.9Darauli (DRV) 01:0701:0731619 KmDarauli, Uttar Pradesh
14.10Dildarnagar Junction (DLN) 01:1201:1231626 KmDildarnagar, Uttar Pradesh
14.11Usia Khas (USK) 01:1601:1631630 KmDildarnagar, Uttar Pradesh
14.12Bhadaura (BWH) 01:1801:1831634 KmGhazipur, Uttar Pradesh
14.13Karahia (KKRH) 01:2101:2131638 KmPhooli Rd, Uttar Pradesh
14.14Gahmar (GMR) 01:2401:2431642 KmDistt: Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh
14.15Barakalan (BQW) 01:2701:2731645 KmState Highway 14, Bihar
14.16Chausa (CSA) 01:3101:3131651 KmState Highway 14, Bihar
14.17Pawani Kumarpur Halt (PWXP) 01:3201:3231653 KmSukarwallia Rd, Bihar
15Buxar (BXR) 01:3901:412m31662 KmBuxar, Bihar
15.1Baruna (BUE) 01:4701:4731671 KmArrah Buxar Rd, Bihar
15.2Dumraon (DURE) 01:5101:5131679 KmDumraon, Bihar
15.3Twining Ganj (TWG) 01:5601:5631686 KmArrah Buxar Rd, Bihar
15.4Veer Kunwar Singh Dharauli Halt (VKDH) 01:5901:5931690 KmArrah Buxar Rd, Bihar
15.5Raghunathpur (RPR) 02:0102:0131695 KmRaghunathpur, Bihar
15.6Sikaria (SKRI) 02:0402:0431699 KmKuawan Tikathi Rd, Bihar
15.7Banahi (BYN) 02:0702:0731703 KmBanahi, Bihar
15.8Amar Shahid Jagdev Prasad Halt (ASJP) 02:0802:0831705 KmArrah Buxar Rd, Bihar
15.9Bihiya (BEA) 02:1102:1131709 KmBehea, Bihar
15.10Ramanand Tewary (RNTE) 02:1302:1331713 KmBuxar, Bihar
15.11Sarvodaya Halt (XSAN) 02:1402:1431715 KmBuxar, Bihar
15.12Kauriya (KYA) 02:1502:1531717 KmBuxar, Bihar
15.13Karisath (KRS) 02:1802:1831721 KmKarisath, Bihar
15.14Jagjivan (JGWL) 02:2202:2231728 KmBuxar, Bihar
16Ara Junction (ARA) 02:2402:262m31731 Kmarrah( 06182-233411), Bihar
16.1Jamira (JMIR) 02:3502:3531735 KmPatna, Bihar
16.2Kulharia (KUA) 02:4502:4531741 KmChandi Sahar Rd, Bihar
16.3Koelwar (KWR) 02:5202:5231744 KmNational Highway 30, Bihar
16.4Chakki Block Cabin (VHCH) 02:5702:5731747 KmNational Highway 30, Bihar
16.5Bihta (BTA) 03:0903:0931753 KmBihta, Bihar
16.6Patel Halt (PATL) 03:1303:1331755 KmPatna, Bihar
16.7Sadisopur (SDE) 03:1703:1731757 KmSadisopur, Bihar
16.8Gandhi Halt (GNHI) 03:2503:2531761 KmPatna, Bihar
16.9Neora (NEO) 03:3003:3031764 KmNational Highway 98, Bihar
16.10Danapur (DNR) 03:4203:4231770 KmKhagaul, Bihar
16.11Phulwari Sharif (PWS) 03:4803:4831774 KmPatna, Bihar
16.12Sachiwalay Halt (SCY) 03:5603:5631777 KmPatna, Bihar
17Patna Junction (PNBE) 04:00STOP31780 KmPatna 800001, Bihar

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