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Shanti Express Time Table

Shanti Express (19309)Return Train : Shanti Express (19310)
Type : ExpressZone : Western
Departs from : Gandhinagar Capital (GNC)Last Station : Indore Junction BG (INDB)
Departs at : 18:25Arrives at : 06:30
Total Distance : 568 kmNumber of halts : 17
Total Travel Time : 12h 5mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Gandhinagar Capital (GNC) START18:2510 KmGandhinagar, Gujarat
1.1Khodiyar (KHDB) 18:3918:39113 KmKhodiyar, Gujarat
2Khodiyar (KHD) 18:3918:412m113 KmGandhinagar, Gujarat
3Chandlodiya B (CLDB) 18:5118:532m120 KmAhmedabad, Gujarat
4Chandlodiya (CLDY) 18:5118:532m122 KmAhmedabad, Gujarat
4.1Sabarmati South (SBIS) 18:5818:58124 KmSabarmati South, Gujarat
5Sabarmati Junction (SBI) 19:0519:072m128 KmAhmadabad, Gujarat
5.1Sabarmati A Cabin (SBTA) 19:1519:15130 KmSabarmati A Cabin, Gujarat
6Ahmedabad Junction (ADI) 19:2519:4520m133 KmAhmedabad, Gujarat
6.1Kankaria South (KKEC) 19:4719:47135 KmAhmedabad, Gujarat
6.2Maninagar (MAN) 19:4819:48136 KmAhmadabad, Gujarat
6.3Vatva (VTA) 19:5419:54141 KmDist. Ahmedabad 382445, Gujarat
6.4Geratpur (GER) 19:5919:59146 KmAhmadabad, Gujarat
6.5Barejadi (BJD) 20:0320:03150 KmBareja-Barejadi Rd, Gujarat
6.6Kanij (KANJ) 20:0720:07154 KmBareja-Barejadi Rd, Gujarat
6.7Nenpur (NEP) 20:1120:11157 KmState Highway 3, Gujarat
7Mahemdavad Kheda Road (MHD) 20:1520:172m161 KmMahemdavad, Gujarat
7.1Gothaj (GTE) 20:2120:21166 KmState Highway 3, Gujarat
8Nadiad Junction (ND) 20:3120:332m179 KmNadiad, Gujarat
8.1Utarsanda (UTD) 20:3720:37184 KmUttarsanda, Gujarat
8.2Kanjari Boriyavi Junction (KBRV) 20:4220:42190 KmKanjari, Gujarat
9Anand Junction (ANND) 20:4820:502m197 KmAnand, Gujarat
9.1Vadod (VXD) 21:0021:001104 KmAnand District, Gujarat
9.2Adas Road (ADD) 21:0521:051108 KmNational Highway 8, Gujarat
9.3Vasad Junction (VDA) 21:1221:121113 KmVasad, Gujarat
9.4Nandesari (NDR) 21:1921:191118 KmNandesari, Gujarat
9.5Ranoli (RNO) 21:2521:251122 KmVadodara District, Gujarat
9.6Bajva (BJW) 21:3021:301126 KmVadodara, Gujarat
9.7Vadodara D Cabin (BRGY) 21:3921:391132 KmVadodara, Gujarat
10Vadodara Junction (BRC) 21:4022:0525m1133 KmVadodara, Gujarat
10.1Vadodara D Cabin (BRGY) 22:0622:061133 KmVadodara, Gujarat
10.2Chhayapuri (CYI) 22:1422:141143 KmNE 1, Gujarat
10.3Pilol (PIO) 22:1522:151144 KmVadodara Savli, Gujarat
10.4Alindra Road (AIR) 22:2322:231154 KmAlindra, Gujarat
10.5Samlaya Junction (SMLA) 22:2822:281159 KmVadodara, Gujarat
10.6Lotana (LAN) 22:3622:361168 KmSH 150, Gujarat
10.7Champaner Road Junction (CPN) 22:3822:381171 KmPanchmahal, Gujarat
10.8Bakrol (BKRL) 22:4422:441177 KmState Highway 5, Gujarat
10.9Derol (DRL) 22:4922:491183 KmKalol, Gujarat
10.10Kharsaliya (KRSA) 23:0023:001196 KmPanchmahal, Gujarat
11Godhra Junction (GDA) 23:1023:122m1207 KmGodhra, Gujarat
11.1Kansudhi (KIZ) 23:1523:151211 KmGodhra, Gujarat
11.2Chanchelav (CCL) 23:2123:211218 KmNH 59, Gujarat
11.3Sant Road (SAT) 23:2823:281227 KmOrwara, Gujarat
11.4Piplod Junction (PPD) 23:3723:371239 KmPiplod, Gujarat
11.5Limkheda (LMK) 23:4323:431247 KmLimkheda, Gujarat
11.6Mangal Mahudi (MAM) 23:5023:501256 KmNational Highway 59, Gujarat
11.7Usra (USRA) 23:5523:551262 KmDahod, Gujarat
11.8Jekot (JKT) 23:5923:591268 KmDahod, Gujarat
11.9Rentia (RET) 00:0300:032273 KmDahod, Gujarat
12Dahod (DHD) 00:0700:092m2278 KmDahod, Gujarat
12.1Dhamarda (DHMA) 00:1200:122283 KmDahod, Gujarat
12.2Bordi (BIO) 00:1600:162289 KmNational Highway 59, Gujarat
12.3Anas (ANAS) 00:2100:212297 KmNH 59, Gujarat
13Meghnagar (MGN) 00:3100:332m2311 KmJhabua, Madhya Pradesh
13.1Thandla Road (THDR) 00:4100:412319 KmJhabua, Madhya Pradesh
13.2Bajrangarh (BJG) 00:4800:482326 KmJhabua, Madhya Pradesh
13.3Panch Pipila (PCN) 00:5500:552333 KmSH 39A, Madhya Pradesh
13.4Amargarh (AGR) 01:0301:032340 KmSH 39A, Madhya Pradesh
13.5Bamnia (BMI) 01:0901:092347 KmBamnia, Madhya Pradesh
13.6Bhairongarh (BOG) 01:2701:272365 KmBhairongarh Railway Station, Madhya Pradesh
13.7Raoti (RTI) 01:3301:332370 KmState Highway 39A, Madhya Pradesh
13.8Bildi (BILD) 01:3501:352372 KmMadhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh
13.9Morwani (MRN) 01:4701:472383 KmRatlam, Madhya Pradesh
13.10Ratlam A Cabin (RTD) 01:5401:542391 KmRatlam, Madhya Pradesh
14Ratlam Junction (RTM) 01:5502:0510m2392 KmRatlam, Madhya Pradesh
14.1Ratlam (RTLM) 02:0502:052392 KmRatlam, Madhya Pradesh
14.2Ratlam East Cabin (RTME) 02:0802:082395 KmRatlam, Madhya Pradesh
14.3Bangrod (BOD) 02:1302:132402 KmRatlam, Madhya Pradesh
14.4Runkhera (RNH) 02:1902:192409 KmUjjain, Madhya Pradesh
15Khachrod (KUH) 02:2702:292m2419 KmUjjain, Madhya Pradesh
15.1Berawanya (BRNA) 02:4202:422425 KmUjjain, Madhya Pradesh
16Nagda Junction (NAD) 03:0003:055m2433 KmNagda, Madhya Pradesh
16.1Bhatisuda (BTSD) 03:1503:152442 KmUjjain, Madhya Pradesh
16.2Piploda Bagla (PPG) 03:1903:192446 KmUjjain, Madhya Pradesh
16.3Unhel (UNL) 03:2503:252452 KmUjjain, Madhya Pradesh
16.4Palsora Makrawa (PSO) 03:3103:312457 KmUjjain, Madhya Pradesh
16.5Aslaoda (ASL) 03:4403:442469 KmUjjain, Madhya Pradesh
16.6Gambhir Bridge (GRFB) 03:4703:472472 Km
16.7Naikheri (NKI) 03:5303:532477 KmUjjain, Madhya Pradesh
17Ujjain Junction (UJN) 04:0504:1510m2489 KmUjjain, Madhya Pradesh
17.1Vikram Nagar (VRG) 04:2004:202494 KmUjjain, Madhya Pradesh
17.2Karchha (KDHA) 04:3304:332506 KmState Highway 18, Madhya Pradesh
17.3Undasa Madhopur (UDM) 04:3804:382512 KmState Highway 18, Madhya Pradesh
17.4Naranjipur (NRGR) 04:4504:452519 KmDewas, Madhya Pradesh
18Dewas Junction (DWX) 04:5505:027m2529 KmDewas, Madhya Pradesh
18.1Barlai (BLAX) 05:3305:332543 KmIndore, Madhya Pradesh
18.2Mangliya Gaon (MGG) 05:5605:562553 KmMangilya, Madhya Pradesh
18.3Lakshmibai Nagar (LMNR) 06:2206:222564 KmIndore, Madhya Pradesh
18.4Lakshmibai Nagar (LKBR) 06:2206:222564 KmIndore, Madhya Pradesh
19Indore Junction BG (INDB) 06:30STOP2568 KmIndore, Madhya Pradesh

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