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Allahabad Farukhabad Passenger (UnReserved) Time Table

Allahabad Farukhabad Passenger (UnReserved) (51823)Return Train : Farrukhabad Allahabad Passenger (UnReserved) (51824)
Type : PassengerZone : North Central
Departs from : Allahabad Junction (ALD)Last Station : Farrukhabad (FBD)
Departs at : 07:00Arrives at : 17:10
Total Distance : 334 kmNumber of halts : 55
Total Travel Time : 10h 10mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Allahabad Junction (ALD) START07:0010 KmAllahabad 211003, Uttar Pradesh
2SubedarGanj (SFG) 07:0807:091m13 KmAllahabad, Uttar Pradesh
3Bamhrauli (BMU) 07:1507:161m18 KmAllahabad, Uttar Pradesh
4Manauri (MRE) 07:2507:261m117 KmSabderganj-Fatehpur Rd, Uttar Pradesh
5Saiyid Sarawan (SYWN) 07:3207:331m121 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
6ManoharGanj (MNJ) 07:4107:421m129 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
7Bharwari (BRE) 07:5107:521m137 KmBharwari, Uttar Pradesh
8Bidanpur (BDNP) 07:5908:001m142 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
9Shujaatpur (SJT) 08:0708:081m147 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
10Sirathu (SRO) 08:1708:181m157 KmSirathu, Uttar Pradesh
11Athsarai (ASCE) 08:2608:271m163 KmAthsarai, Uttar Pradesh
12Kanwar (KUW) 08:3308:341m169 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
13Katoghan (KTCE) 08:4108:421m175 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
14Khaga (KGA) 08:5008:511m182 KmFatehpur, Uttar Pradesh
15Sath Naraini (SNIE) 08:5808:591m189 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
16Rasulabad (RUB) 09:0809:091m196 KmRasulabad, Uttar Pradesh
17Faizullapur (FYZ) 09:1809:191m1105 KmFaizullapur, Uttar Pradesh
18Ramva (RAMA) 09:2509:261m1110 Kmforcing detours between Kanpur and Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
19Fatehpur (FTP) 09:3509:405m1116 KmFatehpur, Uttar Pradesh
20Kurasti Kalan (KKS) 09:4609:471m1123 KmJoniha Rd, Uttar Pradesh
21Malwan (MWH) 09:5609:571m1132 KmFatehpur, Uttar Pradesh
22Kanspur Gugauli (KSQ) 10:0410:051m1140 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
23Bindki Road (BKO) 10:1310:141m1148 KmFatehpur, Uttar Pradesh
24Aung (AUNG) 10:2310:241m1153 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
25Karbigwan (KBN) 10:3110:321m1160 KmFatehpur, Uttar Pradesh
26Prempur (PMPR) 10:3810:391m1165 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
27Sirsaul (SSL) 10:4610:471m1171 KmKANPUR-209 402, Uttar Pradesh
28Rooma (RXM) 10:5310:552m1178 KmKANPUR-208 008, Uttar Pradesh
29Chakeri (CHK) 11:0011:022m1182 KmKANPUR-208 008, Uttar Pradesh
30Chandari (CNBI) 11:1111:121m1189 KmKanpur, Uttar Pradesh
31Kanpur Central (CNB) 12:0512:3833m1194 KmKanpur, Uttar Pradesh
32Kanpur Anwarganj (CPA) 12:4312:485m1196 KmKANPUR-208 003, Uttar Pradesh
33Rawatpur (RPO) 12:5812:591m1201 KmKANPUR-208 025, Uttar Pradesh
34Kalianpur (KAP) 13:0613:071m1206 KmKANPUR-208 017, Uttar Pradesh
35Mandhana Junction (MDA) 13:1413:162m1212 KmKANPUR-209 217, Uttar Pradesh
36Chaubepur (CBR) 13:3013:311m1217 KmKANPUR-209 203, Uttar Pradesh
37Barrajpur (BJR) 13:4113:421m1230 KmShivarajpur, Uttar Pradesh
38Utripura (UTP) 13:5013:511m1237 KmNH 91, Uttar Pradesh
39Dhaursalar (DUO) 13:5713:581m1243 KmNational Highway 91, Uttar Pradesh
40Bilhaur (BLU) 14:0514:061m1249 KmKANPUR-209 202, Uttar Pradesh
41Bakothikhas (BKTS) 14:1314:141m1254 KmAraul, Uttar Pradesh
42Aroul (ARL) 14:1914:201m1259 KmAraul, Uttar Pradesh
43Gangawapur Halt (GWP) 14:2614:271m1264 KmAraul, Uttar Pradesh
44Mani Mau (MNMU) 14:3314:341m1269 KmNational Highway 91, Uttar Pradesh
45Kannauj (KJN) 14:3914:412m1274 KmKannauj, Uttar Pradesh
46Kannauj City (KJNC) 14:4914:501m1276 KmKannauj, Uttar Pradesh
47Jalalpur Panwara (JPP) 14:5514:561m1284 KmNational Highway 91, Uttar Pradesh
48Jasoda (JDA) 15:1115:132m1287 KmNational Highway 91, Uttar Pradesh
49Khudlapur (KHDP) 15:2515:261m1291 KmNational Highway 91, Uttar Pradesh
50GursahaiGanj (GHJ) 15:3315:341m1296 KmGursahaiganj, Uttar Pradesh
51Malikpur (MLKP) 15:4115:421m1303 KmMalancha-Mallickpur Raod, Uttar Pradesh
52Khudaganj (KDJ) 15:4815:491m1312 KmState Highway 29A, Uttar Pradesh
53Singhirampur (SGRP) 15:5615:571m1316 KmSH 29A, Uttar Pradesh
54KamalGanj (KLJ) 16:2016:222m1319 KmKamalganj, Uttar Pradesh
55Yaqutganj (YAG) 16:3016:311m1323 KmK. V. RRC, Uttar Pradesh
56Fatehgarh (FGR) 16:3716:381m1328 KmFatehgarh, Uttar Pradesh
57Farrukhabad (FBD) 17:10STOP1334 KmFatehgarh, Uttar Pradesh

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