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Andhra Pradesh Express Time Table

Andhra Pradesh Express (12723)Return Train : Andhra Pradesh Express (12724)
Type : SuperfastZone : South Central
Departs from : Hyderabad Deccan Nampally (HYB)Last Station : New Delhi (NDLS)
Departs at : 06:25Arrives at : 09:05
Total Distance : 1675 kmNumber of halts : 15
Total Travel Time : 26h 40mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Hyderabad Deccan Nampally (HYB) START06:2510 KmHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
1.1Lakdikapul (LKPL) 06:2806:2811 KmHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
1.2Khairatabad (KQD) 06:3106:3112 KmHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
1.3Necklace Road (NLRD) 06:3306:3313 KmHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
1.4Hussain Sagar Junction (HSJ) 06:3406:3414 KmHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
1.5Sanjivaiah Park (SJVP) 06:3906:3916 KmHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
1.6James Street (JET) 06:4206:4217 KmSecunderabad, Andhra Pradesh
2Secunderabad Junction (SC) 06:4506:505m19 KmSecunderabad, Andhra Pradesh
2.1Moula Ali (MLY) 06:5506:55114 KmSecunderabad, Andhra Pradesh
2.2Charlapalli (CHZ) 07:0007:00121 KmCherlapalli, Andhra Pradesh
2.3Ghatkesar (GT) 07:0707:07129 KmGhatkesar, Andhra Pradesh
2.4Bibinagar (BN) 07:1807:18142 KmBibinagar, Andhra Pradesh
2.5Pagidipalli (PGDP) 07:2007:20145 KmNalgonda, Andhra Pradesh
2.6Bhongir (BG) 07:2907:29155 KmBhongir, Andhra Pradesh
2.7Raigir (RAG) 07:3407:34162 KmNalgonda, Andhra Pradesh
2.8Wangapalli (WP) 07:3907:39168 KmNalgonda, Andhra Pradesh
2.9Aler (ALER) 07:4707:47177 KmAleru, Andhra Pradesh
2.10Pembarti (PBP) 07:5507:55187 KmPembarti, Andhra Pradesh
2.11Jangaon (ZN) 08:0008:00192 KmRly Stn Rd. Jangaon, Andhra Pradesh
2.12Yasantapur (YSPM) 08:0308:03197 KmYasantapur, Andhra Pradesh
2.13Raghunathpalli (RGP) 08:0908:091104 KmRaghunathpalli, Andhra Pradesh
2.14Ippuguda (IPG) 08:1808:181114 KmKurcha Pally Rd, Andhra Pradesh
2.15Ghanpur (GNP) 08:2308:231121 KmWarangal / Enq Ph : 08711 220231, Andhra Pradesh
2.16Naskhal (NSKL) 08:2908:291127 KmNaskhal, Andhra Pradesh
2.17Pindial (PQL) 08:3308:331132 KmNational Highway 202, Andhra Pradesh
3Kazipet Junction (KZJ) 08:4008:422m1140 KmWarangal District, Andhra Pradesh
3.1Hasanparthi Road (HSP) 08:5008:501152 KmHasanparthy, Andhra Pradesh
3.2Uppal (OPL) 08:5908:591164 KmUppal, Andhra Pradesh
3.3Jamikunta (JMKT) 09:0709:071176 KmJammikunta, Andhra Pradesh
3.4Bisugir Sharif (BGSF) 09:1209:121182 KmJammikunta, Andhra Pradesh
3.5Potkapalli (PTKP) 09:1909:191192 KmPotkapalli, Andhra Pradesh
3.6Odela (OEA) 09:2209:221197 KmOdela, Andhra Pradesh
3.7Kolanoor (KOLR) 09:2609:261202 KmKarimnagar, Andhra Pradesh
3.8Kottapally (KYOP) 09:2909:291207 KmKottapalli, Andhra Pradesh
3.9Peddapalli Junction (PDPL) 09:3509:351215 KmPeddapalli, Andhra Pradesh
3.10Raghavapuram (RGPM) 09:4109:411223 KmRaghavapuram, Andhra Pradesh
4Ramagundam (RDM) 09:4809:502m1233 KmKarimnagar, Andhra Pradesh
4.1Peddampet (PPZ) 09:5409:541238 KmNaspur, Andhra Pradesh
5Manchiryal (MCI) 10:0110:021m1247 KmMancherial, Andhra Pradesh
5.1Ravindrakhani (RVKH) 10:1010:101253 KmAdilabad, Andhra Pradesh
5.2Mandamari (MMZ) 10:1410:141257 KmAdilabad, Andhra Pradesh
6Belampalli (BPA) 10:2710:281m1268 KmAdilabad Dist 504251, Andhra Pradesh
6.1Rechni Road (RECH) 10:3410:341277 KmAdilabad, Andhra Pradesh
6.2Repalliwada (RLW) 10:4010:401285 KmSH 1, Andhra Pradesh
6.3Asifabad Road (ASAF) 10:4410:441291 KmAdilabad, Andhra Pradesh
6.4Ralapet (RLT) 10:5010:501299 KmSH 1, Andhra Pradesh
7Sirpur Kaghaznagar (SKZR) 10:5410:551m1305 KmKaghaznagar, Andhra Pradesh
7.1Vempalli (VEM) 11:0711:071314 KmKaghaznagar, Andhra Pradesh
7.2Sirpur Town (SRUR) 11:1811:181323 KmSirpur, Andhra Pradesh
7.3Makudi (MKDI) 11:4211:421341 KmMakudi, Maharashtra
7.4Wirur (WIRR) 11:4911:491347 KmChandrapur, Maharashtra
7.5Wihirgaon (VHGN) 12:0212:021357 KmBalharshah, Maharashtra
7.6Manikgarh (MAGH) 12:1312:131365 KmManikgarh, Maharashtra
8Balharshah Junction (BPQ) 12:2512:3510m1375 KmBallarpur, Maharashtra
8.1Gondwanavisapur (GNVR) 12:4112:411379 KmVisapur, Maharashtra
8.2Wasanapura (VSP) 12:4112:411379 KmVisapur, Maharashtra
8.3Babupeth (BUPH) 12:4812:481384 KmChandrapur, Maharashtra
9Chandrapur Maharashtra (CD) 12:5412:551m1389 KmChandrapur, Maharashtra
9.1Vivekananda Nagar (VVKN) 13:0113:011395 KmChandrapur, Maharashtra
9.2Chotipadoli (CPW) 13:0113:011396 KmChandrapur, Maharashtra
9.3Tadali (TAE) 13:0813:081403 KmTadali, Maharashtra
9.4Bhandak (BUX) 13:1613:161413 KmChandrapur, Maharashtra
9.5Majri Junction (MJRI) 13:2513:251423 KmDist. Chandrapur, Maharashtra
9.6Warora (WRR) 13:3513:351435 KmWarora, Maharashtra
9.7Chikni Road (CKNI) 13:4513:451446 KmChandrapur, Maharashtra
9.8Nagri (NGI) 13:5513:551457 KmRayalseema, Andhra Pradesh
9.9Yenor (YNA) 14:0414:041467 KmMumbai, Maharashtra
9.10Hinganghat (HGT) 14:1014:101474 KmHinganghat, Maharashtra
9.11Wagholi (WG) 14:1614:161482 KmWagholi, Maharashtra
9.12Sonegaon (SNN) 14:2414:241490 KmWardha, Maharashtra
9.13Bhugaon (BPK) 14:2914:291497 KmWardha, Maharashtra
9.14Chitoda (CHJC) 14:3314:331501 KmWardha, Maharashtra
9.15Sewagram Junction (SEGM) 14:3814:381507 KmWardha, Maharashtra
9.16Warud (WARUD) 14:4114:411511 KmWardha, Maharashtra
9.17Seloo Road (SLOR) 14:4814:481518 KmMSH3, Maharashtra
9.18Tuljapur (TGP) 14:5714:571529 KmTuljapur, Maharashtra
9.19Sindi (SNI) 15:0415:041536 KmWardha, Maharashtra
9.20Borkhedi (BOK) 15:1415:141548 KmWardha, Maharashtra
9.21Buti Bori (BTBR) 15:2115:211556 KmButi Bori, Maharashtra
9.22Gumgaon (GMG) 15:2915:291564 KmNagpur, Maharashtra
9.23Khapri (KRI) 15:3415:341571 KmNagpur, Maharashtra
9.24Ajni (AJNI) 15:4215:421580 KmNagpur 440003, Maharashtra
9.25Nagpur Moti Bagh (MIB) 15:4415:441583 KmNagpur, Maharashtra
10Nagpur Junction (NGP) 15:4515:5510m1583 KmNagpur 440001, Maharashtra
10.1Godhani (GNQ) 16:0116:011590 KmNagpur, Maharashtra
10.2Bharatwada (BWRA) 16:0716:071597 KmNagpur, Maharashtra
10.3Kalmeshwar (KSWR) 16:1716:171607 KmKalameshwar, Maharashtra
10.4Kohli (KOHL) 16:2816:281620 KmSH 250, Maharashtra
10.5Sonkhamb (SNKB) 16:3616:361628 KmSH 248, Maharashtra
10.6Metpanjra (MER) 16:4416:441637 KmSH 248, Maharashtra
10.7Katol (KATL) 16:5116:511644 KmKatol, Maharashtra
10.8Kalambha (KLBA) 17:0017:001654 KmSH 248, Maharashtra
10.9Tinkheda (TNH) 17:0717:071662 KmSH 246, Maharashtra
10.10Narkher Junction (NRKR) 17:1417:141669 KmNarkher, Maharashtra
10.11Darimeta (DDMT) 17:2317:231679 KmNarkher, Maharashtra
10.12Pandhurna (PAR) 17:3017:301688 KmPandhurna, Madhya Pradesh
10.13Teegaon (TEO) 17:3817:381696 KmBetul, Madhya Pradesh
10.14Ghundankhapa (GDKP) 17:4217:421701 KmNational Highway 69, Madhya Pradesh
10.15Chichonda (CCD) 17:5417:541713 KmNH 69, Madhya Pradesh
10.16Hatna Pur (HTN) 18:0218:021722 KmNH 69, Madhya Pradesh
10.17Multai (MTY) 18:0818:081728 KmMultai, Madhya Pradesh
10.18Jaulkhera (JKR) 18:1518:151737 KmNH 69, Madhya Pradesh
10.19Amla Junction (AMLA) 18:2818:281751 KmAmla, Madhya Pradesh
10.20Barsali (BYS) 18:3718:371761 KmAmla, Madhya Pradesh
10.21Malkapur Road (MALK) 18:4318:431768 KmBetul, Madhya Pradesh
10.22Betul (BZU) 18:4918:491774 KmBetul, Madhya Pradesh
10.23Maramjhiri (MJY) 18:5718:571782 KmBetul, Madhya Pradesh
10.24Dharakhoh (DHQ) 19:0819:081795 KmBetul, Madhya Pradesh
10.25Ghoradongri (GDYA) 19:2219:221810 KmBetul, Madhya Pradesh
10.26Barbatpur (BBTR) 19:3319:331822 KmBetul, Madhya Pradesh
10.27Magardoh (MGRD) 19:3819:381827 KmBetul, Madhya Pradesh
10.28Dhodra Mohar (DOH) 19:4319:431833 KmBetul, Madhya Pradesh
10.29Pola Patthar (POX) 19:5019:501841 KmBetul, Madhya Pradesh
10.30Kala Akhar (KQE) 19:5619:561847 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
10.31Saheli (SAHL) 20:0120:011853 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
10.32Taku (TAKU) 20:0620:061858 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
10.33Kesla (KSLA) 20:1120:111864 KmNH69, Madhya Pradesh
10.34Kiratgarh (KRTH) 20:1720:171870 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
10.35Jujharpur (JHP) 20:2320:231877 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
10.36Jujharpur Cabin (JUH) 20:2520:251879 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
10.37Itarsi Junction (ET) 20:2620:261880 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
10.38Itarsi F Cabin (ETF) 20:2720:271881 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
10.39Powerkheda (PRKD) 20:3420:341888 KmItarsi, Madhya Pradesh
10.40Hoshangabad (HBD) 20:4320:431898 KmHoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
10.41Budni (BNI) 20:4920:491905 KmSehore, Madhya Pradesh
10.42Midghat (MIG) 20:5520:551912 KmNational Highway 69, Madhya Pradesh
10.43Choka (CHQ) 21:0121:011918 KmBARKHERA, Madhya Pradesh
10.44Barkhera (BKA) 21:0721:071925 KmBarkhera, Madhya Pradesh
10.45Obaidulla Ganj (ODG) 21:1721:171936 KmObaidullaganj Raisen Dist., Madhya Pradesh
10.46Itayakalan (ITKL) 21:2421:241944 KmMandideep, Madhya Pradesh
10.47Mandi Dip (MDDP) 21:3021:301950 KmMandideep, Madhya Pradesh
10.48Misrod (MSO) 21:3921:391959 KmBhopal, Madhya Pradesh
10.49Bhopal HabibGanj (HBJ) 21:4421:441966 KmHabibGanj, Madhya Pradesh
11Bhopal Junction (BPL) 21:5022:0010m1972 KmBhopal, Madhya Pradesh
11.1Nishatpura (NSZ) 22:0122:011973 KmBhopal, Madhya Pradesh
11.2Sukhisewaniyan (SUW) 22:1022:101983 KmBhopal, Madhya Pradesh
11.3Bhadbhadaghat (BVB) 22:1622:161991 KmBhopal, Madhya Pradesh
11.4DewanGanj (DWG) 22:2322:231999 KmRaisen, Madhya Pradesh
11.5Salamatpur (SMT) 22:3122:3111009 KmRaisen, Madhya Pradesh
11.6Sanchi (SCI) 22:3722:3711016 KmRaisen, Madhya Pradesh
11.7Betwa Cabin (BTWN) 22:4222:4211022 KmVidisha, Madhya Pradesh
11.8Vidisha (BHS) 22:4522:4511025 KmVidisha, Madhya Pradesh
11.9Sorai (SORI) 22:4922:4911029 KmVidisha, Madhya Pradesh
11.10Sumer (SUMR) 22:5722:5711039 KmVidisha, Madhya Pradesh
11.11GulabhGanj (GLG) 23:0323:0311046 KmVidisha, Madhya Pradesh
11.12Pabai (PAI) 23:1123:1111056 KmVidisha, Madhya Pradesh
11.13Ganj Basoda (BAQ) 23:1923:1911065 KmVidisha, Madhya Pradesh
11.14Rao Khedi (RKRI) 23:2223:2211068 KmGanj Basoda, Madhya Pradesh
11.15Raukheri (RKDI) 23:2523:2511071 KmGanj Basoda, Madhya Pradesh
11.16Bareth (BET) 23:2723:2711075 KmState Highway 19, Madhya Pradesh
11.17Chulheta (CLHT) 23:3123:3111079 KmBareth, Madhya Pradesh
11.18Kalhar (KAH) 23:3623:3611084 KmSagar, Madhya Pradesh
11.19Mandi Bamora (MABA) 23:4323:4311093 KmState Highway 14, Madhya Pradesh
11.20Kurwai Kethora (KIKA) 23:5023:5011101 KmBina, Madhya Pradesh
11.21Bina Junction (BINA) 23:5823:5811110 KmJn Pt - KATNI/GUNA/ BPL/JHS, Madhya Pradesh
11.22Agasod (AGD) 00:0500:0521118 KmBina, Madhya Pradesh
11.23Karonda (KOA) 00:1500:1521130 KmBina, Madhya Pradesh
11.24Mohasa (MXS) 00:2000:2021136 KmBina, Madhya Pradesh
11.25Dhaura (DUA) 00:2700:2721145 KmDhaura Tanda, Madhya Pradesh
11.26Jakhalaun (JLN) 00:3700:3721157 KmLalitpur(05176-272220), Uttar Pradesh
11.27Jiron (JRO) 00:4300:4321164 KmSonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh
11.28Lalitpur (LAR) 00:5100:5121173 KmLalitpur, Uttar Pradesh
11.29Dailwara (DWA) 01:0001:0021184 KmDailwara(05176-272220), Uttar Pradesh
11.30Jakhaura (JHA) 01:0901:0921194 KmDistrict Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh
11.31Bijrotha (BJA) 01:1601:1621203 KmDistrict Lalitpur(05176-272220), Uttar Pradesh
11.32Doulta (DLA) 01:2101:2121208 KmTalbehat, Madhya Pradesh
11.33Talbahat (TBT) 01:2501:2521213 KmKhaniyadhana Station Rd, Madhya Pradesh
11.34Matatila (MZX) 01:3001:3021219 KmKhaniyadhana, Madhya Pradesh
11.35Basai (BZY) 01:3601:3621226 Km07522289600(Gate ManMob. - 9452701575), Madhya Pradesh
11.36Burhpura (BPW) 01:4201:4221233 KmBabina, Uttar Pradesh
11.37Babina (BAB) 01:4601:4621238 KmBabina, Uttar Pradesh
11.38Khajraha (KHJ) 01:5301:5321246 KmJhansi(0510-2440441), Uttar Pradesh
11.39Bijauli (BJI) 02:0102:0121255 KmJhansi, Uttar Pradesh
11.40Jhansi A Cabin (JHSA) 02:0602:0621261 KmJhansi, Uttar Pradesh
12Jhansi Junction (JHS) 02:0802:2012m21264 KmJhansi, Uttar Pradesh
12.1Karari (KRQ) 02:2802:2821275 KmNational Highway 75, Madhya Pradesh
12.2Datia (DAA) 02:3802:3821289 KmDatia, Madhya Pradesh
12.3Sonagir (SOR) 02:4602:4621300 KmDatia, Madhya Pradesh
12.4Kotra (KTRA) 02:5202:5221310 KmNH 75, Madhya Pradesh
12.5Dabra (DBA) 02:5902:5921319 KmDabra(District-Gwalior), Madhya Pradesh
12.6Simariatal (SMTL) 03:0603:0621329 KmNational Highway 75, Madhya Pradesh
12.7Anant Paith (AEH) 03:1303:1321339 KmGwalior, Madhya Pradesh
12.8Antri (ARI) 03:1803:1821345 KmGwalior, Madhya Pradesh
12.9Sandalpur (SLV) 03:2003:2021349 KmGwalior, Madhya Pradesh
12.10Sithouli (STLI) 03:2303:2321353 KmGwalior, Madhya Pradesh
13Gwalior Junction (GWL) 03:2903:323m21361 KmGwalior, Madhya Pradesh
13.1Birlanagar (BLNR) 03:3403:3421364 KmGwalior, Madhya Pradesh
13.2Rayaru (RRU) 03:4403:4421374 KmGwalior, Madhya Pradesh
13.3Banmor (BAO) 03:5003:5021381 KmGwalior, Madhya Pradesh
13.4Nurabad (NUB) 03:5503:5521387 KmMorena(0753-2226392), Madhya Pradesh
13.5Sank (SANK) 03:5803:5821390 KmMorena(0753-2226392), Madhya Pradesh
13.6Morena (MRA) 04:0704:0721400 KmMorena, Madhya Pradesh
13.7Sikroda Kwanri (SIKD) 04:1504:1521409 KmNH 3, Madhya Pradesh
13.8Hetampur (HET) 04:2004:2021414 KmDhaulpur, Rajasthan
13.9Gher (GHER) 04:2704:2721421 KmDhaulpur, Rajasthan
13.10Dholpur Junction (DHO) 04:3204:3221427 KmDholpur, Rajasthan
13.11Mania (MIA) 04:4304:4321439 KmManda, Rajasthan
13.12Jajau (JJ) 04:5704:5721454 KmJajau, Uttar Pradesh
13.13Bhandai (BHA) 05:1105:1121469 KmBhandai, Uttar Pradesh
14Agra Cantt. (AGC) 05:2005:233m21479 KmAgra, Uttar Pradesh
14.1Raja Ki Mandi (RKM) 05:2605:2621483 KmAgra, Uttar Pradesh
14.2Bilochpura Agra (BFP) 05:2705:2721485 KmAgra, Uttar Pradesh
14.3Runkuta (RNKA) 05:3505:3521494 KmAGRA, Uttar Pradesh
14.4Kitham (KXM) 05:4205:4221503 KmKitham, Uttar Pradesh
14.5Farah Town (FHT) 05:4905:4921512 KmFarah, Uttar Pradesh
14.6Farah (FAR) 05:5105:5121514 KmFarah, Uttar Pradesh
14.7Baad (BAD) 05:5805:5821523 KmBaad, Uttar Pradesh
15Mathura Junction (MTJ) 06:0606:082m21533 KmMathura, Uttar Pradesh
15.1Bhuteshwar (BTSR) 06:1106:1121536 KmMathura, Uttar Pradesh
15.2Vrindaban Road (VRBD) 06:1806:1821543 KmVrindaban, Uttar Pradesh
15.3Ajhai (AJH) 06:2806:2821554 KmAjhai, Uttar Pradesh
15.4Chata (CHJ) 06:3806:3821564 KmChhata, Uttar Pradesh
15.5Kosi Kalan (KSV) 06:4806:4821575 KmKosi Kalan, Uttar Pradesh
15.6Hodal (HDL) 07:0007:0021587 KmFaridabad, Haryana
15.7Banchari (BNCR) 07:0707:0721594 KmNational Highway 2, Haryana
15.8Sholaka (SHLK) 07:1007:1021597 KmFaridabad, Haryana
15.9Rundhi (RDE) 07:2007:2021608 KmRundhi, Haryana
15.10Palwal (PWL) 07:2907:2921617 KmPalwal, Haryana
15.11Asaoti (AST) 07:4007:4021628 KmAsaoti, Haryana
15.12Ballabgarh (BVH) 07:5007:5021638 KmFaridabad, Haryana
15.13Faridabad New Town (FDN) 07:5707:5721642 KmFaridabad, Haryana
15.14Faridabad (FDB) 08:0308:0321646 KmFaridabad, Haryana
15.15Tughlakabad Cabin (TKDC) 08:1208:1221652 KmFaridabad, Haryana
15.16Tuglakabad (TKD) 08:2208:2221657 KmMohan Co-operative Industrial Estate, Delhi NCT
15.17Okhla (OKA) 08:3208:3221663 KmNear New Friends' Colony, Delhi NCT
16Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM) 08:3808:402m21667 KmNizamuddin East/Sarai KaleKhan Bus Terminal, Delhi NCT
16.1Pragati Maidan (PGMD) 08:4708:4721669 KmMahatma Gandhi Marg, Delhi NCT
16.2Tilak Bridge (TKJ) 08:5608:5621672 KmNew Delhi, Delhi NCT
16.3Shivaji Bridge (CSB) 09:0109:0121673 KmConnaught Place, Delhi NCT
17New Delhi (NDLS) 09:05STOP21674 KmAjmeri Gate/Paharganj, Delhi NCT

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