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Barddhaman - Malda Town Passenger (UnReserved) Time Table

Barddhaman - Malda Town Passenger (UnReserved) (53417)Return Train : Malda Town - Barddhaman Passenger (UnReserved) (53418)
Type : PassengerZone : Eastern
Departs from : Barddhaman Junction (BWN)Last Station : Malda Town (MLDT)
Departs at : 05:00Arrives at : 11:00
Total Distance : 244 kmNumber of halts : 37
Total Travel Time : 6h 0mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Barddhaman Junction (BWN) START05:0010 KmDist - Barddhaman, West Bengal
2Talit (TIT) 05:0705:081m17 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
3Khana Junction (KAN) 05:1605:171m113 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
4Jhapater Dhal (JTL) 05:2305:241m118 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
5Banpas (BPS) 05:3005:311m122 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
6Noadar Dhal (NRX) 05:3705:381m126 Kmdist - bardhaman, West Bengal
7Guskara (GKH) 05:4405:451m132 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
8Pichkurirdhal (PCQ) 05:5105:521m139 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
9Bhedia (BDH) 05:5705:581m143 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
10Bolpur Shantiniketan (BHP) 06:0706:092m151 KmBolpur, West Bengal
11Prantik (PNE) 06:1506:161m155 KmPrantik, West Bengal
12Kopai (KPLE) 06:2506:261m163 KmDist - Birbhum, West Bengal
13Ahmadpur Junction (AMP) 06:3406:351m171 KmDist - Birbhum, West Bengal
14Bataspur (BSLE) 06:4106:421m181 KmDist - Birbhum, West Bengal
15Sainthia Junction (SNT) 06:5106:532m184 KmDist - Birbhum, West Bengal
16Gadadharpur (GHLE) 06:5806:591m186 KmDist - Birbhum, West Bengal
17Mallarpur (MLV) 07:0607:071m1100 KmDist - Birbhum, West Bengal
18Tarapith Road (TPF) 07:1307:141m1105 KmDist - Birbhum, West Bengal
19Rampur Hat (RPH) 07:2507:305m1112 KmDIST - Birbhum, West Bengal
20Swadinpur (SDLE) 07:3707:381m1119 KmDIST-BIRBHUM, West Bengal
21Nalhati Junction (NHT) 07:4907:501m1126 KmNalhati, West Bengal
22Chatra (CTR) 07:5607:571m1135 KmChatra, West Bengal
23Murarai (MRR) 08:0408:051m1142 KmMurarai, West Bengal
24Banshlai Bridge (BSBR) 08:1008:111m1147 KmState Highway 5, West Bengal
25Rajgram (RJG) 08:1708:181m1154 KmRajgram, West Bengal
26Nagarnabi (NGF) 08:2408:251m1159 KmState Highway 5, Jharkhand
27Pakur (PKR) 08:3208:331m1164 KmDist:- Pakur, Jharkhand
28Tilbhita (TBB) 08:3908:401m1169 KmTilbhita, Jharkhand
29Kotalpukur (KLP) 08:4708:481m1176 KmKotalpukur, Jharkhand
30Gumani (GMAN) 09:2009:211m1183 KmGumani, Jharkhand
30.1Bonidanga Link Cabin (BDLC) 09:2309:231186 KmMogalpara, Jharkhand
30.2Barharwa Junction (BHW) 09:2609:261190 KmBarharwa, Jharkhand
31Bonidanga (BDAG) 09:2909:301m1196 KmBarharwa, Jharkhand
32Bindubasini (BDBS) 09:3709:381m1200 KmBarharwa, Jharkhand
33Tildanga (TDLE) 09:4409:451m1203 KmDist - Murshidabad, West Bengal
34New Farakka Junction (NFK) 09:5309:552m1208 KmDist - Murshidabad, West Bengal
35Chamagram (CMX) 10:0510:061m1214 KmDist - Malda, West Bengal
36Khaltipur (KTJ) 10:1310:141m1223 KmSultanganj, West Bengal
37Jamirghata (JMQ) 10:2010:211m1229 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
38Gour Malda (GZM) 10:2610:271m1235 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
39Malda Town (MLDT) 11:00STOP1243 KmDist - Malda, West Bengal

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