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Charminar Express Time Table

Charminar Express (12760)Return Train : Charminar Express (12759)
Type : SuperfastZone : South Central
Departs from : Hyderabad Deccan Nampally (HYB)Last Station : Chennai Central (MAS)
Departs at : 18:30Arrives at : 08:15
Total Distance : 790 kmNumber of halts : 15
Total Travel Time : 13h 45mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Hyderabad Deccan Nampally (HYB) START18:3010 KmHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
1.1Lakdikapul (LKPL) 18:3318:3311 KmHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
1.2Khairatabad (KQD) 18:3618:3612 KmHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
1.3Necklace Road (NLRD) 18:3818:3813 KmHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
1.4Hussain Sagar Junction (HSJ) 18:3918:3914 KmHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
1.5Sanjivaiah Park (SJVP) 18:4418:4416 KmHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
1.6James Street (JET) 18:4718:4717 KmSecunderabad, Andhra Pradesh
2Secunderabad Junction (SC) 18:5018:555m19 KmSecunderabad, Andhra Pradesh
2.1Moula Ali (MLY) 19:0019:00114 KmSecunderabad, Andhra Pradesh
2.2Charlapalli (CHZ) 19:0619:06121 KmCherlapalli, Andhra Pradesh
2.3Ghatkesar (GT) 19:1319:13129 KmGhatkesar, Andhra Pradesh
2.4Bibinagar (BN) 19:2519:25142 KmBibinagar, Andhra Pradesh
2.5Pagidipalli (PGDP) 19:2819:28145 KmNalgonda, Andhra Pradesh
2.6Bhongir (BG) 19:3719:37155 KmBhongir, Andhra Pradesh
2.7Raigir (RAG) 19:4219:42162 KmNalgonda, Andhra Pradesh
2.8Wangapalli (WP) 19:4819:48168 KmNalgonda, Andhra Pradesh
2.9Aler (ALER) 19:5719:57177 KmAleru, Andhra Pradesh
2.10Pembarti (PBP) 20:0520:05187 KmPembarti, Andhra Pradesh
2.11Jangaon (ZN) 20:1020:10192 KmRly Stn Rd. Jangaon, Andhra Pradesh
2.12Yasantapur (YSPM) 20:1420:14197 KmYasantapur, Andhra Pradesh
2.13Raghunathpalli (RGP) 20:2020:201104 KmRaghunathpalli, Andhra Pradesh
2.14Ippuguda (IPG) 20:3020:301114 KmKurcha Pally Rd, Andhra Pradesh
2.15Ghanpur (GNP) 20:3520:351121 KmWarangal / Enq Ph : 08711 220231, Andhra Pradesh
2.16Naskhal (NSKL) 20:4120:411127 KmNaskhal, Andhra Pradesh
2.17Pindial (PQL) 20:4620:461132 KmNational Highway 202, Andhra Pradesh
3Kazipet Junction (KZJ) 20:5320:552m1140 KmWarangal District, Andhra Pradesh
4Warangal (WL) 21:0821:102m1151 KmWarangal., Andhra Pradesh
4.1Chintalpalli (CLE) 21:1921:191163 KmNarsampet Rd, Andhra Pradesh
4.2Yelgur (YGL) 21:2421:241171 KmYelgur Station, Andhra Pradesh
4.3Nekonda (NKD) 21:3121:311180 KmNekkonda, Andhra Pradesh
4.4Intakanne (INK) 21:3821:381190 KmIntekanne Station, Andhra Pradesh
4.5Kesamudram (KDM) 21:4221:421196 KmKesamudram, Andhra Pradesh
4.6Tadla Pusapalli (TAA) 21:4721:471202 KmMahbubabad, Andhra Pradesh
5Mahbubabad (MABD) 21:5321:541m1211 KmMahbubabad, Andhra Pradesh
5.1Gundratimadugu (GUU) 22:1022:101222 KmMahbuababad-Badrachalam Rd, Andhra Pradesh
5.2Garla (GLA) 22:2122:211230 KmGarla, Andhra Pradesh
6Dornakal Junction (DKJ) 22:2822:291m1235 KmGarla, Andhra Pradesh
6.1Papatapalli (PPY) 22:3322:331243 KmGUDURU PADU, Andhra Pradesh
6.2Mallemadugu (MLMG) 22:3622:361250 KmKhammam, Andhra Pradesh
7Khammam (KMT) 22:4022:422m1258 KmKhammam 507001, Andhra Pradesh
7.1Pandillapalli (PNDP) 22:5522:551267 KmPandillapalli Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh
7.2Chinta Kani (CKN) 23:0323:031274 KmChinta Kani Station, Andhra Pradesh
7.3Nagalwancha (NVC) 23:1223:121280 KmJagannadhapuram To Matkepalli Rd, Andhra Pradesh
7.4Bona Kalu (BKL) 23:2023:201286 KmBonakalu, Andhra Pradesh
7.5Motimari (MTMI) 23:3523:351297 KmMotimarri Station, Andhra Pradesh
7.6Madhira (MDR) 23:4423:441303 KmK.Ponnavaram, Andhra Pradesh
7.7Tondalagopavaram (TNGM) 23:5623:561312 KmTondalagopavaram Station, Andhra Pradesh
7.8Errupalem (YP) 00:0500:052318 KmYerrupalem, Andhra Pradesh
7.9Gangineni (GNN) 00:1300:132324 KmYerrupalem, Andhra Pradesh
7.10Cheruvu Madhavaram (CVV) 00:1900:192329 KmCheruvu Madhavaram Station, Andhra Pradesh
7.11Kondapalli (KI) 00:3900:392343 KmKondapalli, Andhra Pradesh
7.12Rayanapadu (RYP) 00:4600:462349 KmRayanapad Station, Andhra Pradesh
7.13Vijayawada North Cabin (NWBV) 00:5800:582357 KmVijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
8Vijayawada Junction (BZA) 01:0001:1010m2358 KmVijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
8.1Krishna Canal Junction (KCC) 01:1401:142363 KmTadepalli, Andhra Pradesh
8.2Kolanukonda (KAQ) 01:1701:172367 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
8.3Peddavadiapudi (PVD) 01:2001:202370 KmKL University to NH 5, Andhra Pradesh
8.4Chiluvur (CLVR) 01:2401:242374 KmChiluvuru, Andhra Pradesh
8.5Duggirala (DIG) 01:2901:292380 KmDuggirala, Andhra Pradesh
8.6Kolakalur (KLX) 01:3201:322384 KmNandivelugu Rd, Andhra Pradesh
9Tenali Junction (TEL) 01:3701:381m2390 KmGuntur District, Andhra Pradesh
9.1Tsunduru (TSR) 01:4601:462401 KmTsunduru, Andhra Pradesh
9.2Modukuru (MDKU) 01:4901:492405 KmModukuru, Andhra Pradesh
9.3Nidubrolu (NDO) 01:5401:542412 KmNidubrolu, Andhra Pradesh
9.4Machavaram (MCVM) 01:5801:582417 KmMachavaram, Andhra Pradesh
9.5Appikatla (APL) 02:0302:032424 KmGBC Rd, Andhra Pradesh
9.6Bapatla (BPP) 02:0902:092432 KmBapatla, Andhra Pradesh
9.7Stuartpuram (SPF) 02:1502:152440 KmNational Highway 214A, Andhra Pradesh
9.8Ipurupalem (IPPM) 02:1702:172443 KmIpurupalem, Andhra Pradesh
9.9Ipurupalem Halt (IPPN) 02:1702:172443 KmIpurupalem, Andhra Pradesh
10Chirala (CLX) 02:2002:211m2447 KmChirala, Andhra Pradesh
10.1Jandrapeta (JAQ) 02:2402:242451 KmChirala, Andhra Pradesh
10.2Vetapalem (VTM) 02:2802:282455 KmVetapalem, Andhra Pradesh
10.3Kottapandillapalli (KPLL) 02:3102:312459 KmNH 214A, Andhra Pradesh
10.4Kadavakuduru (KVDU) 02:3502:352463 KmKadavakuduru, Andhra Pradesh
10.5Chinnaganjam (CJM) 02:3902:392468 KmChinna Ganjam, Andhra Pradesh
10.6Uppugunduru (UGD) 02:4402:442474 KmUppugundur Machavaram Rd, Andhra Pradesh
10.7Raparla Halt (RPRL) 02:4802:482479 KmNH 214A, Andhra Pradesh
10.8Ammanabrolu (ANB) 02:5102:512482 KmAmmanabrolu, Andhra Pradesh
10.9Karavadi (KRV) 02:5702:572488 KmKaravadi, Andhra Pradesh
11Ongole (OGL) 03:0403:051m2497 KmPrakasam District, Andhra Pradesh
11.1Surareddipalem (SDM) 03:1203:122507 KmSurareddy Palem, Andhra Pradesh
11.2Tanguturu (TNR) 03:1703:172515 KmTanguturu, Andhra Pradesh
11.3Singarayakonda (SKM) 03:2403:242525 KmSingarayakonda, Andhra Pradesh
11.4Ulavapadu (UPD) 03:3003:302535 KmUlavapadu, Andhra Pradesh
11.5Tettu (TTU) 03:4003:402549 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
12Kavali (KVZ) 03:4903:501m2563 KmKavali, Andhra Pradesh
12.1Sri Venkateswarapalem (SVPM) 03:5803:582575 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
12.2Bitragunta (BTTR) 04:0104:012579 KmBitragunta, Andhra Pradesh
12.3Alluru Road (AXR) 04:0504:052586 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
12.4Talamanchi (TMC) 04:1204:122597 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
12.5Kodavaluru (KJJ) 04:1604:162602 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
12.6Padugupadu (PGU) 04:2004:202609 KmKovur, Andhra Pradesh
13Nellore (NLR) 04:2304:241m2614 KmNellore, Andhra Pradesh
13.1Nellore South (NLS) 04:2804:282615 KmNellore, Andhra Pradesh
13.2Vedayapalem (VDE) 04:3804:382621 KmNellore, Andhra Pradesh
13.3Venkatachalam (VKT) 04:5604:562630 KmVenkatachelam, Andhra Pradesh
13.4Kommarapudi (KMLP) 05:0905:092637 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
13.5Manubolu (MBL) 05:2005:202642 KmManubolu Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh
14Gudur Junction (GDR) 05:3805:402m2652 KmGudur, Andhra Pradesh
14.1Odur (ODUR) 05:4605:462660 KmOduru, Andhra Pradesh
14.2Pedapariya (PYA) 05:5105:512667 KmPedapariya, Andhra Pradesh
15Nayadupeta (NYP) 06:0006:055m2680 KmNayudupeta, Andhra Pradesh
15.1Doravari Chatram (DVR) 06:1606:162696 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
15.2Polireddipalem (PEL) 06:1806:182699 KmPolireddy Palem, Andhra Pradesh
16Sullurupeta (SPE) 06:2406:251m2707 KmSullurupeta, Andhra Pradesh
16.1Akkampet (AKAT) 06:2906:292710 KmAkkampeta., Andhra Pradesh
16.2Tada (TADA) 06:4206:422719 KmTada., Andhra Pradesh
16.3Arambakkam (AKM) 06:5206:522727 KmArambakkam, Tamil Nadu
16.4Elavur (ELR) 07:0507:052737 KmElavur, Tamil Nadu
16.5Gummidipundi (GPD) 07:1207:122742 KmGummidipundi, Tamil Nadu
16.6Kavaraippettai (KVP) 07:2007:202748 KmKavaraipettai, Tamil Nadu
16.7Ponneri (PON) 07:2907:292755 KmPonneri, Tamil Nadu
16.8Anuppambattu (APB) 07:3507:352759 KmRailway Border Rd, Tamil Nadu
16.9Minjur (MJR) 07:4007:402763 KmMinjur, Tamil Nadu
16.10Nandiambakkam (NPKM) 07:4307:432766 KmMinjur, Tamil Nadu
16.11Attipattu (AIP) 07:4607:462767 KmMinjur, Tamil Nadu
16.12Attipattu Pudu Nagar (AIPP) 07:4807:482769 KmMinjur, Tamil Nadu
16.13Ennore (ENR) 07:5407:542773 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
16.14Kathivakkam (KAVM) 07:5607:562775 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
16.15Wimco Nagar (WCN) 08:0008:002778 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
16.16Tiruvottiyur (TVT) 08:0308:032780 KmChennai - -600019. Phone: 044-25735314, Tamil Nadu
16.17V.0.C. Nagar (VOC) 08:0608:062783 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
16.18Tondiarpet (TNP) 08:0808:082784 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
16.19Korukkupet (KOK) 08:1008:102785 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
16.20Basin Bridge Junction (BBQ) 08:1208:122787 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
16.21Chennai Moore Market Complex (MMCC) 08:1408:142789 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
17Chennai Central (MAS) 08:15STOP2789 KmChennai-600003, Tamil Nadu

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