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Chennai Central–Visakhapatnam Weekly SF Express Time Table

Chennai Central–Visakhapatnam Weekly SF Express (22870)Return Train : Visakhapatnam–ChennaiCentral Weekly SF Expres (22869)
Type : SuperfastZone : East Coast
Departs from : Chennai Central (MAS)Last Station : Visakhapatnam Junction (VSKP)
Departs at : 21:10Arrives at : 10:25
Total Distance : 780 kmNumber of halts : 11
Total Travel Time : 13h 15mDeparture Days : Tue

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Chennai Central (MAS) START21:1010 KmChennai-600003, Tamil Nadu
1.1Chennai Moore Market Complex (MMCC) 21:1121:1110 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
1.2Basin Bridge Junction (BBQ) 21:1221:1212 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
1.3Korukkupet (KOK) 21:1421:1414 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
1.4Tondiarpet (TNP) 21:1521:1515 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
1.5V.0.C. Nagar (VOC) 21:1721:1716 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
1.6Tiruvottiyur (TVT) 21:1921:1919 KmChennai - -600019. Phone: 044-25735314, Tamil Nadu
1.7Wimco Nagar (WCN) 21:2221:22111 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
1.8Kathivakkam (KAVM) 21:2521:25114 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
1.9Ennore (ENR) 21:2621:26116 KmChennai, Tamil Nadu
1.10Attipattu Pudu Nagar (AIPP) 21:3121:31120 KmMinjur, Tamil Nadu
1.11Attipattu (AIP) 21:3221:32122 KmMinjur, Tamil Nadu
1.12Nandiambakkam (NPKM) 21:3421:34123 KmMinjur, Tamil Nadu
1.13Minjur (MJR) 21:3621:36125 KmMinjur, Tamil Nadu
1.14Anuppambattu (APB) 21:4121:41130 KmRailway Border Rd, Tamil Nadu
1.15Ponneri (PON) 21:4521:45134 KmPonneri, Tamil Nadu
1.16Kavaraippettai (KVP) 21:5221:52141 KmKavaraipettai, Tamil Nadu
1.17Gummidipundi (GPD) 21:5821:58147 KmGummidipundi, Tamil Nadu
1.18Elavur (ELR) 22:0422:04152 KmElavur, Tamil Nadu
1.19Arambakkam (AKM) 22:1422:14162 KmArambakkam, Tamil Nadu
1.20Tada (TADA) 22:2122:21170 KmTada., Andhra Pradesh
1.21Akkampet (AKAT) 22:3122:31179 KmAkkampeta., Andhra Pradesh
1.22Sullurupeta (SPE) 22:3422:34182 KmSullurupeta, Andhra Pradesh
1.23Polireddipalem (PEL) 22:4222:42190 KmPolireddy Palem, Andhra Pradesh
1.24Doravari Chatram (DVR) 22:4522:45193 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
1.25Nayadupeta (NYP) 23:0223:021109 KmNayudupeta, Andhra Pradesh
1.26Pedapariya (PYA) 23:1523:151122 KmPedapariya, Andhra Pradesh
1.27Odur (ODUR) 23:2123:211128 KmOduru, Andhra Pradesh
2Gudur Junction (GDR) 23:3023:355m1137 KmGudur, Andhra Pradesh
2.1Manubolu (MBL) 23:4123:411146 KmManubolu Railway Station, Andhra Pradesh
2.2Kommarapudi (KMLP) 23:4523:451152 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
2.3Venkatachalam (VKT) 23:4923:491159 KmVenkatachelam, Andhra Pradesh
2.4Vedayapalem (VDE) 23:5423:541168 KmNellore, Andhra Pradesh
2.5Nellore South (NLS) 23:5823:581173 KmNellore, Andhra Pradesh
3Nellore (NLR) 23:5900:012m1175 KmNellore, Andhra Pradesh
3.1Padugupadu (PGU) 00:0400:042179 KmKovur, Andhra Pradesh
3.2Kodavaluru (KJJ) 00:0900:092187 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
3.3Talamanchi (TMC) 00:1300:132192 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
3.4Alluru Road (AXR) 00:2100:212203 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
3.5Bitragunta (BTTR) 00:2600:262210 KmBitragunta, Andhra Pradesh
3.6Sri Venkateswarapalem (SVPM) 00:2900:292214 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
3.7Kavali (KVZ) 00:3800:382226 KmKavali, Andhra Pradesh
3.8Tettu (TTU) 00:4800:482240 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
3.9Ulavapadu (UPD) 00:5800:582254 KmUlavapadu, Andhra Pradesh
3.10Singarayakonda (SKM) 01:0501:052264 KmSingarayakonda, Andhra Pradesh
3.11Tanguturu (TNR) 01:1201:122274 KmTanguturu, Andhra Pradesh
3.12Surareddipalem (SDM) 01:1801:182282 KmSurareddy Palem, Andhra Pradesh
4Ongole (OGL) 01:2601:282m2292 KmPrakasam District, Andhra Pradesh
4.1Karavadi (KRV) 01:3701:372301 KmKaravadi, Andhra Pradesh
4.2Ammanabrolu (ANB) 01:4401:442307 KmAmmanabrolu, Andhra Pradesh
4.3Raparla Halt (RPRL) 01:4801:482310 KmNH 214A, Andhra Pradesh
4.4Uppugunduru (UGD) 01:5301:532315 KmUppugundur Machavaram Rd, Andhra Pradesh
4.5Chinnaganjam (CJM) 02:0002:002321 KmChinna Ganjam, Andhra Pradesh
4.6Kadavakuduru (KVDU) 02:0502:052326 KmKadavakuduru, Andhra Pradesh
4.7Kottapandillapalli (KPLL) 02:1002:102330 KmNH 214A, Andhra Pradesh
4.8Vetapalem (VTM) 02:1402:142334 KmVetapalem, Andhra Pradesh
4.9Jandrapeta (JAQ) 02:1902:192338 KmChirala, Andhra Pradesh
4.10Chirala (CLX) 02:2202:222342 KmChirala, Andhra Pradesh
4.11Ipurupalem Halt (IPPN) 02:2702:272346 KmIpurupalem, Andhra Pradesh
4.12Ipurupalem (IPPM) 02:2702:272346 KmIpurupalem, Andhra Pradesh
4.13Stuartpuram (SPF) 02:3002:302349 KmNational Highway 214A, Andhra Pradesh
4.14Bapatla (BPP) 02:3902:392357 KmBapatla, Andhra Pradesh
4.15Appikatla (APL) 02:4802:482365 KmGBC Rd, Andhra Pradesh
4.16Machavaram (MCVM) 02:5602:562372 KmMachavaram, Andhra Pradesh
4.17Nidubrolu (NDO) 03:0103:012377 KmNidubrolu, Andhra Pradesh
4.18Modukuru (MDKU) 03:0903:092384 KmModukuru, Andhra Pradesh
4.19Tsunduru (TSR) 03:1303:132388 KmTsunduru, Andhra Pradesh
4.20Tenali Junction (TEL) 03:2603:262399 KmGuntur District, Andhra Pradesh
4.21Kolakalur (KLX) 03:3203:322405 KmNandivelugu Rd, Andhra Pradesh
4.22Duggirala (DIG) 03:3603:362409 KmDuggirala, Andhra Pradesh
4.23Chiluvur (CLVR) 03:4303:432415 KmChiluvuru, Andhra Pradesh
4.24Peddavadiapudi (PVD) 03:4703:472419 KmKL University to NH 5, Andhra Pradesh
4.25Kolanukonda (KAQ) 03:5103:512422 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
4.26Krishna Canal Junction (KCC) 03:5503:552426 KmTadepalli, Andhra Pradesh
5Vijayawada Junction (BZA) 04:0004:1515m2430 KmVijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
5.1Gunadala (GALA) 04:2004:202436 KmGunadala Rd, Andhra Pradesh
5.2Mustabada (MBD) 04:2504:252443 KmKrishna, Andhra Pradesh
5.3Gannavaram (GWM) 04:3004:302450 KmGannavaram, Andhra Pradesh
5.4Pedda Avutapale (PAVP) 04:3404:342455 KmPedda Avutapalle, Andhra Pradesh
5.5Telaprolu (TOU) 04:3904:392462 KmKrishna, Andhra Pradesh
5.6Viravalli (VRVL) 04:4104:412465 KmViravalli, Andhra Pradesh
5.7Nuzvid (NZD) 04:4604:462472 KmHanuman Junction, Andhra Pradesh
5.8Vatlur (VAT) 04:5404:542481 KmEluru, Andhra Pradesh
5.9Powerpet (PRH) 04:5904:592488 KmEluru, Andhra Pradesh
6Eluru (EE) 05:0005:022m2490 KmWest Godavari District. Ph:- 08812 226401., Andhra Pradesh
6.1Denduluru (DEL) 05:1205:122500 KmWest Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
6.2Sitampet (STPT) 05:1505:152503 KmEGK Rd, Andhra Pradesh
6.3Bhimadolu (BMD) 05:2105:212509 KmBhimadolu, Andhra Pradesh
6.4Pulla (PUA) 05:2705:272516 KmPulla, Andhra Pradesh
6.5Kaikaram (KKRM) 05:3105:312520 KmKaikaram, Andhra Pradesh
6.6Chebrol (CEL) 05:3505:352523 KmWest Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
6.7Unguturu (VGT) 05:3805:382526 KmUnguturu, Andhra Pradesh
6.8Badampudi (BPY) 05:4305:432532 KmBadampudi, Andhra Pradesh
6.9Tadepalligudem (TDD) 05:4905:492538 KmWest Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
6.10Prattiapadu (PTPU) 05:5405:542543 KmApparaopeta Rd, Andhra Pradesh
6.11Navabpalem (NBM) 05:5805:582547 KmWest Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
6.12Marampalli (MRPL) 06:0106:012550 KmMarampalli Rd, Andhra Pradesh
6.13Nidadavolu Junction (NDD) 06:0806:082558 KmWest Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
6.14Brahmanagudem (BMGM) 06:1206:122561 KmNidadavolu, Andhra Pradesh
6.15Chagallu (CU) 06:1606:162565 KmWest Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
6.16Pasivedala (PSDA) 06:1906:192569 KmWest Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
6.17Kovvur (KVR) 06:2206:222572 KmWest Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
6.18Godavari (GVN) 06:2706:272577 KmRajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh
7Rajahmundry (RJY) 06:3006:322m2580 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
7.1Kadiyam (KYM) 06:3906:392590 KmEast Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
7.2Kesavaram (KSVM) 06:4406:442595 KmKesavaram, Andhra Pradesh
7.3Dwarapudi (DWP) 06:4706:472600 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
7.4Anaparti (APT) 06:4906:492603 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
7.5Balabhadrapuram (BBPM) 06:5406:542609 KmBalabhadhrapuram, Andhra Pradesh
7.6Bikkavolu (BVL) 06:5606:562613 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
7.7Peddabrahmadevam (PBD) 07:0107:012618 KmPedabramadvam, Andhra Pradesh
7.8Medapadu (MPU) 07:0207:022621 KmMedapadu, Andhra Pradesh
7.9Gudaparti (GDPT) 07:0607:062625 KmVetlapalem, Andhra Pradesh
8Samalkot Junction (SLO) 07:0907:112m2630 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
8.1Pithapuram (PAP) 07:1907:192642 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
8.2Gollaprolu (GLP) 07:2307:232648 KmGollaprollu, Andhra Pradesh
8.3Durgada Gate (DGDG) 07:2907:292657 KmEast Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
8.4Ravikampadu (RVD) 07:3107:312660 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
8.5Annavaram (ANV) 07:3607:362667 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
8.6Timmapuram (TMPM) 07:3807:382671 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
8.7Hamsavaram (HVM) 07:4107:412675 KmHamsavaram, Andhra Pradesh
9Tuni (TUNI) 07:4707:492m2683 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
9.1Gullipadu (GLU) 07:5607:562695 KmVisakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
9.2Narsipatnam Road (NRP) 08:0408:042706 KmVisakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
9.3Regupalem (REG) 08:1008:102715 KmVisakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
9.4Elamanchili (YLM) 08:1508:152724 KmVisakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
10Narasingapalli (NASP) 08:2008:222m2731 KmVishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
10.1Bayyavaram (BVM) 08:3308:332738 KmCoastal Andhra Region, Andhra Pradesh
10.2Kasimkota (KSK) 08:3908:392742 KmVisakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
11Anakapalle (AKP) 08:4708:492m2747 KmVisakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
11.1Thadi (THY) 09:1309:132753 KmKonda Koppaka, Andhra Pradesh
12Duvvada (DVD) 09:5109:532m2763 KmVishakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
12.1Gopalapatnam (GPT) 10:0410:042769 KmVisakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
12.2Marripalem (MIPM) 10:1610:162775 KmVishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
13Visakhapatnam Junction (VSKP) 10:25STOP2780 KmVishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

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