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Hazarduari Express Time Table

Hazarduari Express (13113)Return Train : Hazarduari Express (13114)
Type : ExpressZone : Eastern
Departs from : Kolkata Chitpur (KOAA)Last Station : Lalgola (LGL)
Departs at : 06:50Arrives at : 12:10
Total Distance : 225 kmNumber of halts : 9
Total Travel Time : 5h 20mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Kolkata Chitpur (KOAA) START06:5010 KmKolkata, West Bengal
1.1Patipukur (PTKR) 06:5306:5312 KmKolkata, West Bengal
1.2Dum Dum Junction (DDJ) 06:5506:5513 KmKolkata - 700028, West Bengal
1.3Belgharia (BLH) 07:0107:0118 KmKolkata, West Bengal
1.4Agarpara (AGP) 07:0407:04110 KmDist - 24 paraganas ( north ), West Bengal
1.5Sodpur (SEP) 07:0607:06112 KmKolkata, West Bengal
1.6Khardaha (KDH) 07:1007:10115 KmKolkata, West Bengal
1.7Titagarh (TGH) 07:1207:12117 KmDIST - 24 Paraganas ( North ), West Bengal
1.8Barrackpore (BP) 07:1507:15119 KmDist - 24 paraganas (N), West Bengal
1.9Palta (PTF) 07:1807:18122 KmState Highway 1, West Bengal
1.10Ichhapur (IP) 07:2107:21123 KmIchapur, West Bengal
1.11Shyamnagar (SNR) 07:2507:25127 KmDist - North 24 paraganas, West Bengal
1.12Jagadal (JGDL) 07:2907:29130 KmState Highway 1, West Bengal
1.13Kankinara (KNR) 07:3107:31132 KmState Highway 1, West Bengal
1.14Naihati Junction (NH) 07:3507:35134 Kmdist - North 24 paraganas - 743165, West Bengal
1.15Halisahar (HLR) 07:4007:40139 KmKanchrapara, West Bengal
1.16Kanchrapara Workshop Gate (KPAW) 07:4207:42140 KmKanchrapara M, West Bengal
1.17Kanchrapara (KPA) 07:4407:44142 KmKanchrapara, West Bengal
1.18Kalyani (KYI) 07:4807:48145 KmKalyani, West Bengal
1.19Madanpur (MPJ) 07:5407:54149 KmMadanpur, West Bengal
1.20Simurali (SMX) 07:5907:59154 KmChakdaha, West Bengal
1.21Palpara (PXR) 08:0308:03156 KmPIN: 741222, West Bengal
1.22Chakdaha (CDH) 08:0608:06158 KmChakdaha, West Bengal
1.23Payradanga (PDX) 08:1308:13164 KmPayradanga, West Bengal
2Ranaghat Junction (RHA) 08:2008:222m170 KmRanaghat, West Bengal
2.1Kalinarayanpur Junction (KLNP) 08:2708:27174 KmRanaghat-Bagula Bypass, West Bengal
2.2Birnagar (BIJ) 08:3308:33178 KmBirnagar, West Bengal
2.3Taherpur (THP) 08:3608:36181 KmState Highway 11, West Bengal
2.4Badkulla (BDZ) 08:4308:43186 KmState Highway 11, West Bengal
2.5Jalal Khali (JKL) 08:5008:50191 KmState Highway 11, West Bengal
3Krishnanagar City Junction (KNJ) 08:5608:582m196 Km
3.1Bahadurpur (BPD) 09:0709:071103 KmBahadurpur, West Bengal
3.2Dhubulia (DHU) 09:1409:141109 KmDist -Nadia, West Bengal
3.3Muragacha (MGM) 09:2109:211114 KmDist- Nadia, West Bengal
4Bethuadahari (BTY) 09:3409:351m1124 KmDist - NADIA, West Bengal
4.1Sonadanga (SVH) 09:4209:421128 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
4.2Debagram (DEB) 09:5409:541136 KmDebagram, West Bengal
4.3Pagla Chandi (PCX) 10:0210:021141 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
5Plassey (PLY) 10:1110:121m1147 KmDist - Nadia, West Bengal
5.1Sirajnagar Halt (SRJN) 10:2210:221152 KmSirajnagar, West Bengal
5.2Rejinagar (REJ) 10:2910:291156 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
6Beldanga (BEB) 10:4710:481m1165 KmBeldanga, West Bengal
6.1Bhabta (BFT) 10:5310:531171 KmBhabta, West Bengal
6.2Sargachhi (SGV) 10:5610:561174 KmSargachhi, West Bengal
6.3New Balarampur Halt (NBPH) 11:0011:001178 KmNew Balarampur, West Bengal
7Berhampore Court (BPC) 11:0411:062m1183 KmBerhampore, West Bengal
7.1Cossimbazar (CSZ) 11:1011:101187 KmBerhampore, West Bengal
8Murshidabad (MBB) 11:1811:235m1194 KmMurshidabad, West Bengal
9JiaGanj (JJG) 11:3011:311m1201 Kmdist - Murshidabad, West Bengal
9.1Subarnamrigi (SBNM) 11:3811:381206 KmPolice Station Rd, West Bengal
10Bhagwangola (BQG) 11:4911:512m1213 KmStation Rd, West Bengal
10.1Pirtala (PRTL) 11:5711:571217 KmPirtala, West Bengal
10.2Krishnapur (KRP) 12:0712:071222 KmLalgola, West Bengal
11Lalgola (LGL) 12:10STOP1224 KmDist - Murshidabad, West Bengal

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