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Kanpur-New Delhi Shatabdi Time Table

Kanpur-New Delhi Shatabdi (12033)Return Train : New Delhi-Kanpur Shatabdi Express (12034)
Type : ShatabdiZone : North Central
Departs from : Kanpur Central (CNB)Last Station : New Delhi (NDLS)
Departs at : 06:00Arrives at : 11:15
Total Distance : 441 kmNumber of halts : 2
Total Travel Time : 5h 15mDeparture Days : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Kanpur Central (CNB) START06:0010 KmKanpur, Uttar Pradesh
1.1Kanpur Goods Marshalling Yard (GMC) 06:0106:0111 KmKanpur-208 014, Uttar Pradesh
1.2Kanpur C Panel (CPNL) 06:0206:0213 KmKanpur, Uttar Pradesh
1.3Govindpuri Junction (GOY) 06:0206:0214 KmKANPUR-208 006, Uttar Pradesh
1.4Juhi Outer Cabin (CNJO) 06:0406:0418 KmKanpur, Uttar Pradesh
1.5Panki (PNK) 06:0606:06111 KmKANPUR-208 020, Uttar Pradesh
1.6Bhaupur (BPU) 06:1206:12122 KmKANPUR Dehat-209 307, Uttar Pradesh
1.7Maitha (MTO) 06:1706:17132 KmMDR 78C, Uttar Pradesh
1.8Roshan Mau (RMW) 06:1906:19136 KmRoshan Mau, Uttar Pradesh
1.9Rura (RURA) 06:2306:23144 KmJhinjhak, Uttar Pradesh
1.10Ambiapur (AAP) 06:2806:28153 KmJhinjhak, Uttar Pradesh
1.11Jhinjhak (JJK) 06:3306:33163 KmAuraiya, Uttar Pradesh
1.12Para Jani Halt (PJY) 06:3606:36169 KmPara Jani, Uttar Pradesh
1.13Kanchausi (KNS) 06:3906:39174 KmState Highway 21, Uttar Pradesh
1.14Phaphund (PHD) 06:4806:48191 KmAuraiya, Uttar Pradesh
1.15Pata (PATA) 06:5006:50195 KmPhaphund, Uttar Pradesh
1.16Achalda (ULD) 06:5206:521100 KmDist. Auraiya(05688-1072), Uttar Pradesh
1.17Ghasara Halt (GHSR) 06:5506:551105 KmPhaphund, Uttar Pradesh
1.18Samhon (SHW) 06:5706:571109 KmSamahon, Uttar Pradesh
1.19Bharthana (BNT) 07:0307:031119 KmBharthana, Uttar Pradesh
1.20Ekdil (EKL) 07:0807:081129 KmSarai Ikdil, Uttar Pradesh
2Etawah (ETW) 07:1307:152m1139 KmDistt. Etawah, Uttar Pradesh
2.1Sarai Bhopat (SB) 07:2107:211147 KmEtawah(05688-1072), Uttar Pradesh
2.2Jaswantnagar (JGR) 07:2707:271155 KmJaswantnagar, Uttar Pradesh
2.3Balrai (BBL) 07:3307:331164 KmBalrai, Uttar Pradesh
2.4Bhadan (BDN) 07:4107:411174 KmAgra, Uttar Pradesh
2.5Kaurara (KAA) 07:4807:481183 KmFirozabad Distt, Uttar Pradesh
2.6Shikohabad Junction (SKB) 07:5607:561194 KmDistrict Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh
2.7Makkhanpur (MNR) 08:0308:031204 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
2.8Firozabad (FZD) 08:1008:101214 KmFirozabad, Uttar Pradesh
2.9Hirangaon (HNG) 08:1608:161222 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
2.10Tundla Junction (TDL) 08:2308:231231 KmDistt.Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh
2.11Shivarampur (WSC) 08:2508:251234 KmShivarampur, Uttar Pradesh
2.12Mitawal (MTI) 08:2808:281238 KmMitawal, Uttar Pradesh
2.13Barhan Junction (BRN) 08:3308:331246 KmJN Point-Tundle/Aligarh/Etah, Uttar Pradesh
2.14Chamrola (CMR) 08:3808:381252 KmMDR 106W, Uttar Pradesh
2.15Jalesar Road (JLS) 08:4308:431259 KmMDR 106W, Uttar Pradesh
2.16Pora (PORA) 08:5008:501268 KmHathras, Uttar Pradesh
2.17Hathras Junction (HRS) 08:5808:581279 KmMahamaya Nagar(05722-242803), Uttar Pradesh
2.18Sasni (SNS) 09:0409:041288 KmSasni, Uttar Pradesh
2.19Mandrak (MXK) 09:1009:101295 KmNational Highway 93, Uttar Pradesh
2.20Daud Khan (DAQ) 09:1509:151302 KmNational Highway 91, Uttar Pradesh
2.21Aligarh Junction (ALJN) 09:2009:201309 KmAligarh, Uttar Pradesh
2.22Mahrawal (MWUE) 09:2509:251315 KmNational Highway 91, Uttar Pradesh
2.23Kulwa (KLA) 09:2909:291321 KmAligarh, Uttar Pradesh
2.24Somna (SOM) 09:3609:361331 KmNational Highway 91, Uttar Pradesh
2.25Danwar (DAR) 09:4409:441341 KmDanwar, Uttar Pradesh
2.26Kamalpur (KAMP) 09:4909:491349 KmNational Highway 91, Uttar Pradesh
2.27Khurja Junction (KRJ) 09:5209:521352 KmBulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh
2.28Sikandarpur (SKQ) 09:5609:561358 KmMDR 70W, Uttar Pradesh
2.29Gangraul (GNRL) 10:0010:001363 KmMDR 70W, Uttar Pradesh
2.30Chola (CHL) 10:0310:031367 KmTahsil Bulandshahar, Uttar Pradesh
2.31Wair (WIR) 10:0610:061372 KmBhati Harish Singh, Uttar Pradesh
2.32Wair (WAIR) 10:0610:061372 KmBulandshahr District, Uttar Pradesh
2.33Dankaur (DKDE) 10:1310:131381 KmBulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh
2.34Ajaibpur (AJR) 10:1910:191389 KmGreater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
2.35Boraki (BRKY) 10:2310:231394 KmNational Highway 91, Uttar Pradesh
2.36Dadri (DER) 10:2610:261398 KmDadri Rd, Uttar Pradesh
2.37Maripat (MIU) 10:3110:311405 KmNational Highway 91, Uttar Pradesh
2.38Chipyana Buzurg (CYZ) 10:3510:351412 KmGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
3Ghaziabad Junction (GZB) 10:3810:402m1415 KmGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
3.1Sahibabad Junction (SBB) 10:5010:501422 KmGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
3.2Delhi Shahdara B Panel (DSBP) 10:5310:531425 KmGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
3.3Chander Nagar (CNJ) 10:5510:551426 KmSahibabad Industrial Area Site 4, Uttar Pradesh
3.4Delhi Anand Vihar Terminal (ANVT) 10:5810:581428 KmGhazipur Road, Delhi NCT
3.5Anand Vihar (ANVR) 10:5810:581428 KmAnand Vihar, Delhi NCT
3.6Mandawali-Chander Vihar (MWC) 11:0311:031432 KmDelhi-110092, Delhi NCT
3.7Tilak Bridge (TKJ) 11:1211:121438 KmNew Delhi, Delhi NCT
3.8Shivaji Bridge (CSB) 11:1311:131439 KmConnaught Place, Delhi NCT
4New Delhi (NDLS) 11:15STOP1440 KmAjmeri Gate/Paharganj, Delhi NCT

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