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Lucknow Agra InterCity SF Express Time Table

Lucknow Agra InterCity SF Express (12179)Return Train : Agra Lucknow InterCity SF Express (12180)
Type : SuperfastZone : North Central
Departs from : Lucknow Junction (LJN)Last Station : Agra Cantt. (AGC)
Departs at : 15:45Arrives at : 21:55
Total Distance : 331 kmNumber of halts : 10
Total Travel Time : 6h 10mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Lucknow Junction (LJN) START15:4510 KmLucknow, Uttar Pradesh
1.1Lucknow West (LNWT) 15:4615:4610 KmLucknow, Uttar Pradesh
1.2Manak Nagar (MKG) 15:5015:5014 KmAlambagh, Uttar Pradesh
1.3Amausi (AMS) 15:5715:57110 KmLucknow, Uttar Pradesh
1.4Piparsand (POF) 16:0416:04116 KmNational Highway 25A near Lonha village, Uttar Pradesh
1.5Harauni (HRN) 16:1116:11122 KmLucknow, Uttar Pradesh
1.6Jaitipur (JTU) 16:1716:17127 KmNational Highway 25, Uttar Pradesh
1.7Kusumbhi (KVX) 16:2316:23132 KmAjgain, Uttar Pradesh
1.8Ajgain (AJ) 16:3016:30138 KmAjgain, Uttar Pradesh
1.9Sonik (SIC) 16:3716:37144 KmNational Highway 25, Uttar Pradesh
2Unnao Junction (ON) 16:4816:502m153 KmUnnao, Uttar Pradesh
2.1Magarwara (MGW) 17:0317:03160 KmUnnao, Uttar Pradesh
2.2Kanpur Bridge Left Bank (CPB) 17:1717:17167 KmKanpur, Uttar Pradesh
3Kanpur Central (CNB) 17:2517:305m171 KmKanpur, Uttar Pradesh
3.1Kanpur Goods Marshalling Yard (GMC) 17:3117:31172 KmKanpur-208 014, Uttar Pradesh
3.2Kanpur C Panel (CPNL) 17:3317:33174 KmKanpur, Uttar Pradesh
3.3Govindpuri Junction (GOY) 17:3317:33175 KmKANPUR-208 006, Uttar Pradesh
3.4Juhi Outer Cabin (CNJO) 17:3617:36179 KmKanpur, Uttar Pradesh
3.5Panki (PNK) 17:3917:39182 KmKANPUR-208 020, Uttar Pradesh
3.6Bhaupur (BPU) 17:4717:47194 KmKANPUR Dehat-209 307, Uttar Pradesh
3.7Maitha (MTO) 17:5517:551103 KmMDR 78C, Uttar Pradesh
3.8Roshan Mau (RMW) 17:5817:581108 KmRoshan Mau, Uttar Pradesh
4Rura (RURA) 18:0418:062m1115 KmJhinjhak, Uttar Pradesh
4.1Ambiapur (AAP) 18:1218:121124 KmJhinjhak, Uttar Pradesh
5Jhinjhak (JJK) 18:2018:222m1134 KmAuraiya, Uttar Pradesh
5.1Para Jani Halt (PJY) 18:2518:251140 KmPara Jani, Uttar Pradesh
5.2Kanchausi (KNS) 18:2718:271145 KmState Highway 21, Uttar Pradesh
6Phaphund (PHD) 18:3618:382m1162 KmAuraiya, Uttar Pradesh
6.1Pata (PATA) 18:4118:411167 KmPhaphund, Uttar Pradesh
6.2Achalda (ULD) 18:4518:451171 KmDist. Auraiya(05688-1072), Uttar Pradesh
6.3Ghasara Halt (GHSR) 18:4918:491176 KmPhaphund, Uttar Pradesh
6.4Samhon (SHW) 18:5218:521180 KmSamahon, Uttar Pradesh
6.5Bharthana (BNT) 19:0019:001190 KmBharthana, Uttar Pradesh
6.6Ekdil (EKL) 19:0719:071201 KmSarai Ikdil, Uttar Pradesh
7Etawah (ETW) 19:1519:172m1210 KmDistt. Etawah, Uttar Pradesh
7.1Sarai Bhopat (SB) 19:2219:221219 KmEtawah(05688-1072), Uttar Pradesh
7.2Jaswantnagar (JGR) 19:2719:271226 KmJaswantnagar, Uttar Pradesh
7.3Balrai (BBL) 19:3219:321235 KmBalrai, Uttar Pradesh
7.4Bhadan (BDN) 19:3919:391246 KmAgra, Uttar Pradesh
7.5Kaurara (KAA) 19:4419:441255 KmFirozabad Distt, Uttar Pradesh
8Shikohabad Junction (SKB) 19:5119:532m1266 KmDistrict Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh
8.1Makkhanpur (MNR) 20:0020:001276 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
9Firozabad (FZD) 20:0820:102m1286 KmFirozabad, Uttar Pradesh
9.1Hirangaon (HNG) 20:2820:281293 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
10Tundla Junction (TDL) 20:4820:502m1302 KmDistt.Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh
10.1Etmadpur (ETUE) 20:5720:571306 KmEtmadpur, Uttar Pradesh
10.2Kuberpur (KBP) 21:0821:081313 KmNational Highway 2, Uttar Pradesh
10.3Chhalesar (CHLR) 21:1521:151317 KmDistrict Agra, Uttar Pradesh
10.4Yamuna Bridge Agra (JAB) 21:2521:251322 KmAgra, Uttar Pradesh
10.5Agra City (AGA) 21:3021:301325 KmAgra, Uttar Pradesh
11Raja Ki Mandi (RKM) 21:3321:341m1327 KmAgra, Uttar Pradesh
12Agra Cantt. (AGC) 21:55STOP1331 KmAgra, Uttar Pradesh

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