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Malda Town-Howrah Fast Passenger Time Table

Malda Town-Howrah Fast Passenger (53004)Return Train : Howrah-Malda Town Fast Passenger (53003)
Type : PassengerZone : Eastern
Departs from : Malda Town (MLDT)Last Station : Kolkata Howrah Junction (HWH)
Departs at : 17:15Arrives at : 04:30
Total Distance : 332 kmNumber of halts : 36
Total Travel Time : 11h 15mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Malda Town (MLDT) START17:1510 KmDist - Malda, West Bengal
2Gour Malda (GZM) 17:2417:251m18 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
3Jamirghata (JMQ) 17:3017:311m114 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
4Khaltipur (KTJ) 17:3817:391m120 KmSultanganj, West Bengal
5Chamagram (CMX) 17:4717:481m129 KmDist - Malda, West Bengal
6New Farakka Junction (NFK) 18:0818:157m135 KmDist - Murshidabad, West Bengal
6.1Ballalpur (BQZ) 18:2118:21139 KmFarakka, West Bengal
7Sankopara (SXP) 18:2818:291m144 KmState Highway 5, West Bengal
8Dhulian Ganga (DGLE) 18:3518:361m149 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
9Nimtita (NILE) 18:4818:491m156 KmNH-34, West Bengal
10Sujnipara (SPLE) 18:5919:001m166 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
11Ahiran (AHN) 19:0919:101m169 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
12Jangipur Road (JRLE) 19:2719:281m179 KmRaghunathganj, West Bengal
13Gankar (GALE) 19:4519:461m185 KmGankar, West Bengal
13.1Lalgola (LGL) 19:4819:48186 KmDist - Murshidabad, West Bengal
14Manigram (MGLE) 20:0320:041m194 KmLalgola, West Bengal
14.1Noapara Mahisha (NWMS) 20:1120:11199 KmSagardighi Railway Station, West Bengal
14.2Mahipal (MPLE) 20:1620:161102 KmLalgola, West Bengal
15Mahipal Road (MPLR) 20:1920:201m1104 KmLalgola, West Bengal
15.1Poradanga Halt (PRDG) 20:2620:261109 Kmmurshidabad, West Bengal
16Azimganj City (ACLE) 20:3120:321m1113 KmPolice Station Rd, West Bengal
16.1Azimganj Cabin (AJLE) 20:3620:361113 KmJiaganj, West Bengal
17Azimganj Junction (AZ) 20:5021:1020m1114 KmPolice Station Rd, West Bengal
17.1Dahapara Dham (DHPD) 21:1421:141118 KmUnnamed Rd, West Bengal
18Lalbagh Court Road (LCAE) 21:1721:181m1121 KmLalbagh Court Road, West Bengal
18.1Niyalish Para (NLSF) 21:2121:211124 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
19Khagraghat Road (KGLE) 21:2521:261m1129 KmKhagraghat, West Bengal
19.1Jivanti Halt (JVT) 21:3421:341134 KmState Highway 11, West Bengal
19.2Karna Subarna (KNSN) 21:4421:441140 KmKhagraghat - Chowrigacha, West Bengal
19.3Kanthaliya Road (KTLR) 21:5521:551147 KmKhagraghat - Chowrigacha, West Bengal
19.4Chowrigacha (CWLE) 21:5921:591149 KmChowrigacha, West Bengal
19.5Kazipara (KZPR) 22:0622:061153 KmKhagraghat - Chowrigacha, West Bengal
20Bazarsau (BZLE) 22:1222:131m1157 KmBazarsau, West Bengal
20.1Miangram (MIAN) 22:1922:191160 KmBazarsau, West Bengal
20.2Tenya (TYAE) 22:2622:261164 KmTenya, West Bengal
20.3Malihati Talibpur Road (MHTR) 22:3422:341168 KmMalihati Talibpur Road, West Bengal
21Salar (SALE) 22:3822:391m1170 KmSalar, West Bengal
21.1Jhamatpur Baharan (JHBN) 22:4922:491174 KmGoai, West Bengal
21.2Gangatikuri (GGLE) 22:5722:571177 KmState Highway 6, West Bengal
21.3Shiblun (SHBL) 23:0423:041179 KmState Highway 6, West Bengal
21.4Nabagram Kankurhati (NBKH) 23:1523:151184 KmNabagram Kakurhati, West Bengal
22Katwa Junction (KWAE) 23:2523:338m1187 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
22.1Katwa (KWF) 23:3323:331187 KmKatwa, West Bengal
22.2Dainhat (DHAE) 23:4323:431194 KmDaihaat Rd, West Bengal
22.3Sahebtala (SHBA) 23:4723:471197 KmSahebtala, West Bengal
22.4Agradwip (AGAE) 23:5123:511200 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
22.5Patuli (PTAE) 23:5823:581205 KmDist - bardhaman, West Bengal
22.6Belerhat (BQY) 00:0500:052210 KmState Highway 6, West Bengal
22.7Lakshmipur (LKX) 00:0800:082212 KmDist - burdhaman, West Bengal
22.8Mertala Phaleya (MTFA) 00:1300:132216 KmMertala Phaleya, West Bengal
23Purbasthali (PSAE) 00:1700:181m2219 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
23.1Bhandartikuri (BFZ) 00:2300:232221 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
23.2Bishnupriya (VSPR) 00:3100:312224 KmDist - nadia, West Bengal
24Nabadwip Dham (NDAE) 00:3600:415m2226 KmDist - Nadia, West Bengal
24.1Kalinagar (KLNT) 00:4500:452230 KmDist - Nadia, West Bengal
24.2Samudra Garh (SMAE) 00:4800:482234 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
24.3Nandaigram Halt (NDIM) 00:5200:522238 KmState Highway 6, West Bengal
24.4Dhatrigram (DTAE) 00:5500:552241 KmDhatrigram, West Bengal
24.5Baghnapara (BGRA) 00:5900:592245 KmKalna-Memari Rd, West Bengal
25Ambika Kalna (ABKA) 01:0301:041m2250 KmKalna, West Bengal
26Guptipara (GPAE) 01:1201:131m2257 KmGuptipara Railway Station, West Bengal
26.1Behula (BHLA) 01:1601:162259 KmDist - Hooghly, West Bengal
27Somra Bazar (SOAE) 01:2201:231m2264 KmState Highway 6, West Bengal
28Balagarh (BGAE) 01:2701:281m2267 KmBalagarh, West Bengal
29Jirat (JIT) 01:3201:331m2269 Kmdist - hooghly, West Bengal
30Khamargachhi (KMAE) 01:3901:401m2275 KmKhamargachi, West Bengal
31Dumurdaha (DMLE) 01:4301:441m2277 KmDumurdahadham, West Bengal
32Kuntighat (KJU) 01:4801:491m2280 KmKuntighat Railway Station, West Bengal
33Tribeni (TBAE) 01:5501:561m2284 KmTribeni, West Bengal
34Bansh Baria (BSAE) 02:1002:111m2287 KmBansberia, West Bengal
35Bandel Junction (BDC) 02:4502:5510m2292 Kmdist - HOOGHLY, West Bengal
35.1Hooghly (HGY) 02:5802:582294 KmDist - Hooghly, West Bengal
36Chuchura (CNS) 03:0103:021m2296 KmDist - HOOGHLY - 712102, West Bengal
36.1Chandan Nagar (CGR) 03:0603:062299 KmDist -HOOGHLY - 712136, West Bengal
36.2Mankundu (MUU) 03:0903:092301 KmChandannagar, West Bengal
36.3Bhadreshwar (BHR) 03:1303:132303 KmBhadreswar, West Bengal
36.4Baidyabati (BBAE) 03:1803:182307 KmBaidyabati, West Bengal
37Seoraphuli Junction (SHE) 03:2103:221m2309 KmBaidyabati, West Bengal
37.1Serampore (SRP) 03:3003:302312 Kmdist - hooghly, West Bengal
37.2Rishra (RIS) 03:4003:402315 KmRishra, West Bengal
37.3Konnagar (KOG) 03:4803:482318 KmDist: Howrah, West Bengal
37.4Hind Motor (HMZ) 03:5403:542320 KmHindmotor, West Bengal
37.5Uttarpara (UPA) 04:0004:002321 KmDist - Hooghly, West Bengal
37.6Bally (BLY) 04:0304:032323 KmDist - Howrah, West Bengal
37.7Belur (BEQ) 04:1004:102325 KmHowrah, West Bengal
37.8Liluah (LLH) 04:1504:152327 KmHowrah, West Bengal
37.9Liluah Sorting (SYAE) 04:2004:202328 KmLiluah Sorting, West Bengal
37.10Howrah Goods Cabin (HWHG) 04:2704:272330 KmHowrah, West Bengal
38Kolkata Howrah Junction (HWH) 04:30STOP2331 KmPh no: 033-26411326, West Bengal

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