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Ratnachal SF Express Time Table

Ratnachal SF Express (12717)Return Train : Ratnachal SF Express (12718)
Type : SuperfastZone : South Central
Departs from : Visakhapatnam Junction (VSKP)Last Station : Vijayawada Junction (BZA)
Departs at : 12:40Arrives at : 18:35
Total Distance : 349 kmNumber of halts : 9
Total Travel Time : 5h 55mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Visakhapatnam Junction (VSKP) START12:4010 KmVishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
1.1Marripalem (MIPM) 12:4812:4814 KmVishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
1.2Gopalapatnam (GPT) 12:5912:59110 KmVisakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
2Duvvada (DVD) 13:0913:101m116 KmVishakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
2.1Thadi (THY) 13:1813:18126 KmKonda Koppaka, Andhra Pradesh
3Anakapalle (AKP) 13:2313:241m132 KmVisakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
3.1Kasimkota (KSK) 13:2813:28137 KmVisakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
3.2Bayyavaram (BVM) 13:3013:30141 KmCoastal Andhra Region, Andhra Pradesh
3.3Narasingapalli (NASP) 13:3513:35148 KmVishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
3.4Elamanchili (YLM) 13:4013:40156 KmVisakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
3.5Regupalem (REG) 13:4513:45164 KmVisakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
3.6Narsipatnam Road (NRP) 13:5113:51173 KmVisakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
3.7Gullipadu (GLU) 13:5913:59184 KmVisakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh
4Tuni (TUNI) 14:0614:071m196 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
4.1Hamsavaram (HVM) 14:1414:141104 KmHamsavaram, Andhra Pradesh
4.2Timmapuram (TMPM) 14:1714:171109 KmNational Highway 5, Andhra Pradesh
5Annavaram (ANV) 14:2014:211m1112 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
5.1Ravikampadu (RVD) 14:2414:241119 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
5.2Durgada Gate (DGDG) 14:2614:261122 KmEast Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
5.3Gollaprolu (GLP) 14:3014:301131 KmGollaprollu, Andhra Pradesh
5.4Pithapuram (PAP) 14:3214:321137 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
6Samalkot Junction (SLO) 14:3814:402m1149 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
6.1Gudaparti (GDPT) 14:4514:451154 KmVetlapalem, Andhra Pradesh
6.2Medapadu (MPU) 14:5014:501158 KmMedapadu, Andhra Pradesh
6.3Peddabrahmadevam (PBD) 14:5314:531161 KmPedabramadvam, Andhra Pradesh
6.4Bikkavolu (BVL) 14:5914:591166 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
6.5Balabhadrapuram (BBPM) 15:0315:031170 KmBalabhadhrapuram, Andhra Pradesh
6.6Anaparti (APT) 15:1015:101176 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
6.7Dwarapudi (DWP) 15:1415:141179 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
6.8Kesavaram (KSVM) 15:1915:191184 KmKesavaram, Andhra Pradesh
6.9Kadiyam (KYM) 15:2515:251189 KmEast Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
7Rajahmundry (RJY) 15:3615:382m1199 KmEast Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
7.1Godavari (GVN) 15:4115:411202 KmRajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh
7.2Kovvur (KVR) 15:4615:461207 KmWest Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
7.3Pasivedala (PSDA) 15:4915:491210 KmWest Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
7.4Chagallu (CU) 15:5315:531214 KmWest Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
7.5Brahmanagudem (BMGM) 15:5715:571218 KmNidadavolu, Andhra Pradesh
8Nidadavolu Junction (NDD) 16:0116:021m1222 KmWest Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
8.1Marampalli (MRPL) 16:0816:081229 KmMarampalli Rd, Andhra Pradesh
8.2Navabpalem (NBM) 16:1116:111232 KmWest Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
8.3Prattiapadu (PTPU) 16:1416:141236 KmApparaopeta Rd, Andhra Pradesh
9Tadepalligudem (TDD) 16:1816:191m1241 KmWest Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
9.1Badampudi (BPY) 16:2316:231247 KmBadampudi, Andhra Pradesh
9.2Unguturu (VGT) 16:2716:271253 KmUnguturu, Andhra Pradesh
9.3Chebrol (CEL) 16:2916:291256 KmWest Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
9.4Kaikaram (KKRM) 16:3116:311259 KmKaikaram, Andhra Pradesh
9.5Pulla (PUA) 16:3416:341264 KmPulla, Andhra Pradesh
9.6Bhimadolu (BMD) 16:3816:381270 KmBhimadolu, Andhra Pradesh
9.7Sitampet (STPT) 16:4216:421276 KmEGK Rd, Andhra Pradesh
9.8Denduluru (DEL) 16:4416:441280 KmWest Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
10Eluru (EE) 16:5116:521m1289 KmWest Godavari District. Ph:- 08812 226401., Andhra Pradesh
10.1Powerpet (PRH) 16:5516:551291 KmEluru, Andhra Pradesh
10.2Vatlur (VAT) 17:0717:071298 KmEluru, Andhra Pradesh
10.3Nuzvid (NZD) 17:2417:241308 KmHanuman Junction, Andhra Pradesh
10.4Viravalli (VRVL) 17:3517:351314 KmViravalli, Andhra Pradesh
10.5Telaprolu (TOU) 17:4017:401317 KmKrishna, Andhra Pradesh
10.6Pedda Avutapale (PAVP) 17:5317:531324 KmPedda Avutapalle, Andhra Pradesh
10.7Gannavaram (GWM) 18:0118:011329 KmGannavaram, Andhra Pradesh
10.8Mustabada (MBD) 18:1318:131336 KmKrishna, Andhra Pradesh
10.9Gunadala (GALA) 18:2518:251343 KmGunadala Rd, Andhra Pradesh
11Vijayawada Junction (BZA) 18:35STOP1349 KmVijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

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