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Saharanpur Delhi Passenger (UnReserved) Time Table

Saharanpur Delhi Passenger (UnReserved) (51912)Return Train : Delhi Shamli Saharanpur Passenger (UnReserved) (51911)
Type : PassengerZone : Northern
Departs from : Saharanpur Junction (SRE)Last Station : Old Delhi Junction (DLI)
Departs at : 18:05Arrives at : 23:20
Total Distance : 165 kmNumber of halts : 34
Total Travel Time : 5h 15mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Saharanpur Junction (SRE) START18:0510 KmSaharanpur, Uttar Pradesh
2Tapri Junction (TPZ) 18:1618:171m16 KmTapri -Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh
3Manani (MNZ) 18:3018:311m117 KmState Highway 57, Uttar Pradesh
4Bhankala Halt (BNQL) 18:3818:391m122 KmState Highway 57, Uttar Pradesh
5Rampur Maniharan (RPMN) 18:4418:451m127 KmSaharanpur, Uttar Pradesh
6Sona Arjunpur (SNAP) 18:5618:571m132 KmState Highway 57, Uttar Pradesh
7Nanauta (NNX) 19:0519:061m137 KmMDR 2W, Uttar Pradesh
7.1Thana Bhawan Tn (TBTN) 19:1819:18151 KmThana Bhawan, Uttar Pradesh
8Thana Bhawan (THBN) 19:1819:191m151 KmThana Bhawan, Uttar Pradesh
9Thana Bhawan Tn (TBTN) 19:3319:341m151 KmThana Bhawan, Uttar Pradesh
9.1Thana Bhawan (THBN) 19:3419:34151 KmThana Bhawan, Uttar Pradesh
10Harhar Fatehpur (HHP) 19:4119:421m155 KmHarafatehpur Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh
11Hind (HIND) 19:5119:521m159 Km., Uttar Pradesh
12Silawar (SLWR) 19:5719:581m163 KmState Highway 57, Uttar Pradesh
13Shamli (SMQL) 20:1320:163m170 KmShamli, Uttar Pradesh
14Gujran Balwa (GLBN) 20:2320:241m175 KmState Highway 57, Uttar Pradesh
15Khandrawali (KZI) 20:2920:301m178 KmState Highway 57, Uttar Pradesh
16Kandhla (KQL) 20:4320:441m184 KmMDR 22W, Uttar Pradesh
17Ailam (AILM) 20:5220:531m190 KmState Highway 57, Uttar Pradesh
18Asra Halt (ASAR) 20:5820:591m192 KmState Highway 57, Uttar Pradesh
19Bhudpur (BDHP) 21:0521:061m196 KmState Highway 57, Uttar Pradesh
20Qasimpur Kheri (KPKI) 21:1221:131m1100 KmState Highway 57, Uttar Pradesh
21Baoli (BAOL) 21:2021:211m1105 KmBagpat, Uttar Pradesh
22Baraut (BTU) 21:2821:291m1109 KmBaraut, Uttar Pradesh
23Barka (BADK) 21:3421:351m1112 KmState Highway 57, Uttar Pradesh
24Alawalpur I Pur (AIH) 21:4021:411m1116 KmAlawalpur, Uttar Pradesh
25Sujra (SUJR) 21:4021:411m1119 KmState Highway 57, Uttar Pradesh
26Bagpat Road (BPM) 21:5621:571m1125 KmBagpat, Uttar Pradesh
27Ahera Halt (AHQ) 22:0222:031m1128 KmTatiri, Uttar Pradesh
28Sanhera Halt (SFA) 22:0822:091m1131 KmSunehra/Khekra, Uttar Pradesh
29Khekra (KEX) 22:1522:161m1135 KmTronica City, Uttar Pradesh
30Fakharpur Halt (FAP) 22:2222:231m1138 KmFakharpur, Uttar Pradesh
31Gotra Halt (GTRA) 22:2922:301m1141 KmGotra, Uttar Pradesh
32Nursratabad Kharkhar (NTG) 22:3622:371m1146 KmState Highway 57, Uttar Pradesh
33Noli (NOLI) 22:4322:441m1149 KmGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
34Behta Hazipur Halt (BHHZ) 22:5022:511m1152 KmBehta Hazipur, Uttar Pradesh
35Shahdara Junction (DSA) 22:5923:001m1158 KmCircular Rd, Delhi NCT
36Old Delhi Junction (DLI) 23:20STOP1164 KmNear Chandni Chowk Metro Station, Delhi NCT

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