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Sealdah Balurghat Gour Express Slip Time Table

Sealdah Balurghat Gour Express Slip (13153-Slip)Return Train : Balurghat - Sealdah Gour Link Express (23154)
Type : ExpressZone : Eastern
Departs from : Kolkata Sealdah (SDAH)Last Station : Balurghat (BLGT)
Departs at : 22:15Arrives at : 09:40
Total Distance : 456 kmNumber of halts : 25
Total Travel Time : 11h 25mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Kolkata Sealdah (SDAH) START22:1510 KmKOLKATA - 700014, West Bengal
1.1Kankurgachhi Road Cabin (KGK) 22:2022:2012 KmKolkata, West Bengal
2Bidhan Nagar Road (BNXR) 22:2322:241m13 KmKolkata, West Bengal
2.1Dum Dum Junction (DDJ) 22:2822:2816 KmKolkata - 700028, West Bengal
2.2Belgharia (BLH) 22:3422:34111 KmKolkata, West Bengal
2.3Agarpara (AGP) 22:3822:38113 KmDist - 24 paraganas ( north ), West Bengal
2.4Sodpur (SEP) 22:4022:40115 KmKolkata, West Bengal
2.5Khardaha (KDH) 22:4422:44118 KmKolkata, West Bengal
2.6Titagarh (TGH) 22:4722:47120 KmDIST - 24 Paraganas ( North ), West Bengal
2.7Barrackpore (BP) 22:4922:49122 KmDist - 24 paraganas (N), West Bengal
2.8Palta (PTF) 22:5322:53124 KmState Highway 1, West Bengal
2.9Ichhapur (IP) 22:5522:55126 KmIchapur, West Bengal
2.10Shyamnagar (SNR) 23:0023:00129 KmDist - North 24 paraganas, West Bengal
2.11Jagadal (JGDL) 23:0423:04132 KmState Highway 1, West Bengal
2.12Kankinara (KNR) 23:0623:06134 KmState Highway 1, West Bengal
3Naihati Junction (NH) 23:1023:133m137 Kmdist - North 24 paraganas - 743165, West Bengal
3.1Garifa (GFAE) 23:2323:23140 KmState Highway 1, West Bengal
3.2Hooghly Ghat (HYG) 23:2823:28142 Kmdist - Hooghly, West Bengal
4Bandel Junction (BDC) 23:4023:455m146 Kmdist - HOOGHLY, West Bengal
4.1Adi Saptagram (ADST) 23:4823:48149 KmHowrah, West Bengal
4.2Magra (MUG) 23:5223:52152 KmMagra, West Bengal
4.3Talandu (TLO) 23:5623:56156 KmTalandu - Sultangacha Rd, West Bengal
4.4Khanyan (KHN) 00:0100:01261 KmKhanyan, West Bengal
4.5Pundooah (PDA) 00:0700:07267 KmPandua, West Bengal
4.6Simlagarh (SLG) 00:1200:12272 KmSimlagarh, West Bengal
4.7Bainchigram (BCGM) 00:1400:14273 KmDIST - HOOGHLY - 712135, West Bengal
4.8Bainchi (BOI) 00:1600:16276 KmDIST - HOOGHLY - 712134, West Bengal
4.9Debipur (DBP) 00:2100:21281 KmDebipur, West Bengal
4.10Bagila (BGF) 00:2500:25285 KmBagila, West Bengal
4.11Memari (MYM) 00:2800:28288 KmMemari, West Bengal
4.12Nimo (NMF) 00:3100:31291 KmNimo, West Bengal
4.13Rasulpur (RSLR) 00:3400:34294 KmRasulpur - Kuchut Rd, West Bengal
4.14Palsit (PLAE) 00:3800:38297 KmPalsit, West Bengal
4.15Saktigarh (SKG) 00:4200:422101 KmSaktigarh, West Bengal
4.16Gangpur (GRP) 00:4700:472106 KmGangpur, West Bengal
5Barddhaman Junction (BWN) 00:5400:595m2113 KmDist - Barddhaman, West Bengal
5.1Talit (TIT) 01:0601:062120 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
5.2Khana Junction (KAN) 01:1101:112126 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
5.3Jhapater Dhal (JTL) 01:1701:172132 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
5.4Banpas (BPS) 01:2101:212136 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
5.5Noadar Dhal (NRX) 01:2401:242139 Kmdist - bardhaman, West Bengal
5.6Guskara (GKH) 01:3001:302146 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
5.7Pichkurirdhal (PCQ) 01:3601:362152 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
5.8Bhedia (BDH) 01:4001:402157 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
6Bolpur Shantiniketan (BHP) 01:4801:535m2165 KmBolpur, West Bengal
6.1Prantik (PNE) 01:5701:572169 KmPrantik, West Bengal
6.2Kopai (KPLE) 02:0302:032176 KmDist - Birbhum, West Bengal
7Ahmadpur Junction (AMP) 02:1002:111m2184 KmDist - Birbhum, West Bengal
7.1Bataspur (BSLE) 02:2402:242195 KmDist - Birbhum, West Bengal
8Sainthia Junction (SNT) 02:2702:281m2197 KmDist - Birbhum, West Bengal
8.1Gadadharpur (GHLE) 02:3102:312199 KmDist - Birbhum, West Bengal
8.2Mallarpur (MLV) 02:4702:472213 KmDist - Birbhum, West Bengal
8.3Tarapith Road (TPF) 02:5302:532218 KmDist - Birbhum, West Bengal
9Rampur Hat (RPH) 03:0203:075m2225 KmDIST - Birbhum, West Bengal
9.1Swadinpur (SDLE) 03:1503:152232 KmDIST-BIRBHUM, West Bengal
10Nalhati Junction (NHT) 03:2403:262m2239 KmNalhati, West Bengal
10.1Chatra (CTR) 03:3303:332248 KmChatra, West Bengal
11Murarai (MRR) 03:4003:411m2256 KmMurarai, West Bengal
11.1Banshlai Bridge (BSBR) 03:4603:462261 KmState Highway 5, West Bengal
11.2Rajgram (RJG) 03:5203:522267 KmRajgram, West Bengal
11.3Nagarnabi (NGF) 03:5603:562272 KmState Highway 5, Jharkhand
12Pakur (PKR) 04:0104:021m2278 KmDist:- Pakur, Jharkhand
12.1Kotalpukur (KLP) 04:2604:262290 KmKotalpukur, Jharkhand
12.2Bonidanga (BDAG) 04:5004:502301 KmBarharwa, Jharkhand
12.3Bindubasini (BDBS) 04:5804:582305 KmBarharwa, Jharkhand
12.4Tildanga (TDLE) 05:0505:052309 KmDist - Murshidabad, West Bengal
13New Farakka Junction (NFK) 05:1505:205m2314 KmDist - Murshidabad, West Bengal
13.1Chamagram (CMX) 05:2905:292320 KmDist - Malda, West Bengal
13.2Khaltipur (KTJ) 05:4305:432328 KmSultanganj, West Bengal
13.3Jamirghata (JMQ) 05:5305:532335 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
13.4Gour Malda (GZM) 06:0206:022341 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
14Malda Town (MLDT) 06:1506:5035m2349 KmDist - Malda, West Bengal
15Old Malda Junction (OMLF) 06:5907:001m2355 KmDist - Malda, West Bengal
16Adina (ADF) 07:0907:101m2362 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
17Eklakhi Junction (EKI) 07:2007:222m2368 KmDistt. - Malda, West Bengal
18Gazole (GZO) 07:3707:381m2382 KmGajol, West Bengal
19Mahanagar (MANG) 07:4707:481m2388 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
20Deotala (DOTL) 07:5607:571m2393 KmPundari, West Bengal
21Daulatpur Hat (DLPH) 08:0708:081m2401 KmPundari, West Bengal
22Buniadpur (BNDP) 08:2008:211m2410 KmState Highway 10A, West Bengal
23Gangarampur (GRMP) 08:4408:451m2422 KmGangarampur, West Bengal
24Malancha (MLNH) 08:5708:581m2429 KmGangarampur, West Bengal
25Rampur Bazar (RMPB) 09:0509:061m2432 KmGangarampur, West Bengal
26Mallickpur Hat (MKRH) 09:1609:171m2437 KmKumarganj- Patiram Rd, West Bengal
27Balurghat (BLGT) 09:40STOP2455 Kmdist - DAKSHIN DINAJPUR, West Bengal

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