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Sealdah-Katwa Jn Local Time Table

Sealdah-Katwa Jn Local (31111)Return Train : Katwa Jn-Sealdah Local (31112)
Type : Kolkata SuburbanZone : Eastern
Departs from : Kolkata Sealdah (SDAH)Last Station : Katwa Junction (KWAE)
Departs at : 08:04Arrives at : 12:10
Total Distance : 151 kmNumber of halts : 36
Total Travel Time : 4h 6mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Kolkata Sealdah (SDAH) START08:0410 KmKOLKATA - 700014, West Bengal
1.1Kankurgachhi Road Cabin (KGK) 08:0908:0912 KmKolkata, West Bengal
2Bidhan Nagar Road (BNXR) 08:1208:131m13 KmKolkata, West Bengal
3Dum Dum Junction (DDJ) 08:1708:181m16 KmKolkata - 700028, West Bengal
4Belgharia (BLH) 08:2208:231m111 KmKolkata, West Bengal
4.1Agarpara (AGP) 08:2508:25113 KmDist - 24 paraganas ( north ), West Bengal
5Sodpur (SEP) 08:2708:281m115 KmKolkata, West Bengal
5.1Khardaha (KDH) 08:3108:31118 KmKolkata, West Bengal
5.2Titagarh (TGH) 08:3408:34120 KmDIST - 24 Paraganas ( North ), West Bengal
6Barrackpore (BP) 08:3608:371m122 KmDist - 24 paraganas (N), West Bengal
7Palta (PTF) 08:3908:401m124 KmState Highway 1, West Bengal
8Ichhapur (IP) 08:4208:431m126 KmIchapur, West Bengal
9Shyamnagar (SNR) 08:4608:471m129 KmDist - North 24 paraganas, West Bengal
9.1Jagadal (JGDL) 08:5308:53132 KmState Highway 1, West Bengal
9.2Kankinara (KNR) 08:5708:57134 KmState Highway 1, West Bengal
10Naihati Junction (NH) 09:0309:052m137 Kmdist - North 24 paraganas - 743165, West Bengal
11Garifa (GFAE) 09:1009:111m140 KmState Highway 1, West Bengal
12Hooghly Ghat (HYG) 09:1509:161m142 Kmdist - Hooghly, West Bengal
13Bandel Junction (BDC) 09:2609:304m146 Kmdist - HOOGHLY, West Bengal
14Bansh Baria (BSAE) 09:3509:361m150 KmBansberia, West Bengal
15Tribeni (TBAE) 09:3909:401m154 KmTribeni, West Bengal
16Kuntighat (KJU) 09:4209:431m157 KmKuntighat Railway Station, West Bengal
17Dumurdaha (DMLE) 09:4509:461m160 KmDumurdahadham, West Bengal
18Khamargachhi (KMAE) 09:4809:491m162 KmKhamargachi, West Bengal
19Jirat (JIT) 09:5209:531m169 Kmdist - hooghly, West Bengal
20Balagarh (BGAE) 09:5609:571m171 KmBalagarh, West Bengal
21Somra Bazar (SOAE) 09:5910:001m174 KmState Highway 6, West Bengal
22Behula (BHLA) 10:0310:041m178 KmDist - Hooghly, West Bengal
23Guptipara (GPAE) 10:0810:091m181 KmGuptipara Railway Station, West Bengal
24Ambika Kalna (ABKA) 10:1910:201m188 KmKalna, West Bengal
25Baghnapara (BGRA) 10:2310:241m192 KmKalna-Memari Rd, West Bengal
26Dhatrigram (DTAE) 10:2710:281m196 KmDhatrigram, West Bengal
26.1Nandaigram Halt (NDIM) 10:3210:32199 KmState Highway 6, West Bengal
27Samudra Garh (SMAE) 10:3610:371m1103 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
28Kalinagar (KLNT) 10:4410:451m1107 KmDist - Nadia, West Bengal
29Nabadwip Dham (NDAE) 10:4910:501m1111 KmDist - Nadia, West Bengal
29.1Bishnupriya (VSPR) 10:5210:521113 KmDist - nadia, West Bengal
30Bhandartikuri (BFZ) 10:5610:571m1116 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
31Purbasthali (PSAE) 11:0011:066m1119 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
32Mertala Phaleya (MTFA) 11:0911:101m1122 KmMertala Phaleya, West Bengal
33Lakshmipur (LKX) 11:1211:131m1125 KmDist - burdhaman, West Bengal
34Belerhat (BQY) 11:1511:161m1128 KmState Highway 6, West Bengal
35Patuli (PTAE) 11:2011:211m1132 KmDist - bardhaman, West Bengal
36Agradwip (AGAE) 11:2811:291m1137 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
36.1Sahebtala (SHBA) 11:3811:381140 KmSahebtala, West Bengal
37Dainhat (DHAE) 11:4811:546m1143 KmDaihaat Rd, West Bengal
37.1Katwa (KWF) 12:0912:091150 KmKatwa, West Bengal
38Katwa Junction (KWAE) 12:10STOP1150 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal

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