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Shantiniketan Express Time Table

Shantiniketan Express (12337)Return Train : Shantiniketan Express (12338)
Type : SuperfastZone : Eastern
Departs from : Kolkata Howrah Junction (HWH)Last Station : Bolpur Shantiniketan (BHP)
Departs at : 10:10Arrives at : 12:25
Total Distance : 146 kmNumber of halts : 2
Total Travel Time : 2h 15mDeparture Days : Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Stop NumberStationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHaltDayDistance TravelledAddress
1Kolkata Howrah Junction (HWH) START10:1010 KmPh no: 033-26411326, West Bengal
1.1Howrah Goods Cabin (HWHG) 10:1110:1111 KmHowrah, West Bengal
1.2Liluah Sorting (SYAE) 10:1210:1213 KmLiluah Sorting, West Bengal
1.3Liluah (LLH) 10:1310:1314 KmHowrah, West Bengal
1.4Belur (BEQ) 10:1510:1516 KmHowrah, West Bengal
1.5Bally (BLY) 10:1610:1618 KmDist - Howrah, West Bengal
1.6Belanagar (BZL) 10:1810:18110 KmNational Highway 34, West Bengal
1.7Dankuni Junction (DKAE) 10:2110:21114 KmDist - Hooghly, West Bengal
1.8Gobra (GBRA) 10:2210:22116 KmStation Pally, West Bengal
1.9Janai Road (JOX) 10:2510:25120 KmJanai Rd Railway Station, West Bengal
1.10Begumpur (BPAE) 10:2610:26122 KmChanditala-Sreerampore Rd, West Bengal
1.11Barui Para (BRPA) 10:2910:29125 Km31 no Rd, West Bengal
1.12Mirzapur Bankipur (MBE) 10:3110:31129 KmSingpara Rd, West Bengal
1.13Balarambati (BLAE) 10:3310:33131 KmState Highway 2, West Bengal
1.14Kamarkundu (KQU) 10:3410:34132 KmDist - Hooghly, West Bengal
1.15Madhu Sudanpur (MDSE) 10:3610:36135 KmState Highway 2, West Bengal
1.16Chandanpur (CDAE) 10:3910:39140 KmDist - hooghly, West Bengal
1.17Porabazar (PBZ) 10:4210:42144 KmPorabazar Makalpur Rd, West Bengal
1.18Belmuri (BMAE) 10:4410:44146 KmBelmuri Dhaniakhali Rd, West Bengal
1.19Dhaniakhali Halt (DNHL) 10:4510:45148 KmChunchura-Dhaniakali Rd, West Bengal
1.20Sibaichandi (SHBC) 10:4710:47151 KmBainchi-Dhaniakali Road, West Bengal
1.21Cheragram Block Hut (CRAE) 10:4910:49153 KmDurgapur Expy, West Bengal
1.22Hajigarh (HIH) 10:5010:50155 KmDurgapur Expressway, West Bengal
1.23Gurap (GRAE) 10:5210:52157 KmMagra-Gurup Road, West Bengal
1.24Jhapandanga (JPQ) 10:5510:55162 KmBurdwan., West Bengal
1.25Jaugram (JRAE) 10:5710:57164 KmJaugram, West Bengal
1.26Nabagram (NBAE) 10:5910:59166 KmMemari, West Bengal
1.27Masagram Junction (MSAE) 11:0211:02171 KmDist - bardhaman, West Bengal
1.28Chanchai (CHC) 11:0511:05174 KmChanchai, West Bengal
1.29Palla Road (PRAE) 11:0711:07177 KmDuragapur Expressway (NH 2), West Bengal
1.30Saktigarh (SKG) 11:1011:10182 KmSaktigarh, West Bengal
1.31Gangpur (GRP) 11:1411:14187 KmGangpur, West Bengal
2Barddhaman Junction (BWN) 11:1911:212m194 KmDist - Barddhaman, West Bengal
2.1Talit (TIT) 11:2911:291102 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
2.2Khana Junction (KAN) 11:3511:351107 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
2.3Jhapater Dhal (JTL) 11:4211:421113 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
2.4Banpas (BPS) 11:4611:461117 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
2.5Noadar Dhal (NRX) 11:5011:501120 Kmdist - bardhaman, West Bengal
3Guskara (GKH) 11:5711:581m1127 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
3.1Pichkurirdhal (PCQ) 12:0712:071133 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
3.2Bhedia (BDH) 12:1412:141138 KmDist - Bardhaman, West Bengal
4Bolpur Shantiniketan (BHP) 12:25STOP1146 KmBolpur, West Bengal

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