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Trains starting from Balaghat Junction

10001Satpura Express (NG)ExpressJabalpur Junction (JBP)12:456h 50m10SMTWTFSFCSouth East Central10002
58863Balaghat Jabalpur NG Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerJabalpur Junction (JBP)00:409h 10m20SMTWTFSSouth East Central58864
58865Balaghat - Jabalpur (NG) PassengerPassengerJabalpur Junction (JBP)05:008h 55m23SMTWTFS2S SLSouth East Central58866
58867Balaghat - Jabalpur (NG) Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerJabalpur Junction (JBP)09:508h 45m24SMTWTFSSouth East Central58868
58869Balaghat Jabalpur NG Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerJabalpur Junction (JBP)13:509h 50m24SMTWTFSSouth East Central58870
58871Balaghat - Jabalpur (NG) PassengerPassengerJabalpur Junction (JBP)20:459h 15m19SMTWTFS2S SLSouth East Central58870
58873Balaghat Nainpur NG Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerNainpur Junction (NIR)17:553h 20m9SMTWTFSSouth East Central58874
78808Balaghat-Gondia DEMUDEMUGondia Junction (G)21:001h 5m7SMTWTFSSouth East Central78807
78810Balaghat Jn-Gondia DEMUDEMUGondia Junction (G)03:451h 5m6SMTWTFSSouth East Central78809

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