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Trains starting from Jabalpur Junction

01702Jabalpur - Mumbai CST (Weekly) SF Puja SpecialSuperfastMumbai CST (CSTM)19:3016h 45m13------SSL 3A 2AWest Central01701
01703Jabalpur-Chitrakoot Mela Special (UnReserved)ExpressChitrakutdham Karwi (CKTD)05:157h 10m28SMTWTFSWest Central01704
10002Satpura Express (NG)ExpressBalaghat Junction (BTC)05:306h 40m10SMTWTFSFCSouth East Central10001
11265Ambikapur ExpressExpressAmbikapur (ABKP)14:158h 45m11S-T-T--2SWest Central11266
11447Shaktipunj ExpressExpressKolkata Howrah Junction (HWH)00:3027h 45m41SMTWTFSSL 3A 2AWest Central11448
11449Jabalpur - Jammu Tawi (Durgawati) ExpressExpressJammu Tawi (JAT)06:0031h 10m27--T----SL 3A 2AWest Central11450
11451Jabalpur Rewa InterCity ExpressExpressRewa (REWA)17:054h 35m8SMTWTFS2S CCWest Central11452
11464Jabalpur-Somnath ExpressExpressSomnath (SMNH)12:0030h 10m47S-TWTF-SL 3A 2AWest Central11463
11466Jabalpur - Somnath Express (via Bina)ExpressSomnath (SMNH)10:0032h 0m46-M----SSL 3A 2AWest Central11465
11472Jabalpur - Indore ExpressExpressIndore Junction BG (INDB)23:0011h 45m16SMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1AWest Central11471
11651Jabalpur - Singrauli InterCity ExpressExpressSingrauli (SGRL)15:156h 55m11SMTWTFS2S CCWest Central11652
11701Jabalpur-Indore Intercity ExpressExpressIndore Junction BG (INDB)05:0016h 30m14-M--TF-2S CCWest Central11702
12062Jabalpur-HabibGanj Bhopal Jan ShatabdiJan ShatabdiBhopal HabibGanj (HBJ)06:005h 35m8SMTWTFS2S CCWest Central12061
12121Madhya Pradesh Sampark Kranti ExpressSampark KrantiDelhi Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM)19:1013h 55m5S--W-F-SL 3A 2A 1AWest Central12122
12160Jabalpur - Amravati ExpressSuperfastAmravati (AMI)20:5012h 55m17S-T--F-SL 3A 2A 1ACentral12159
12181Dayodaya ExpressSuperfastAjmer Junction (AII)20:2517h 55m20SMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1AWest Central12182
12187Jabalpur - Mumbai CST Garib Rath ExpressGarib RathMumbai CST (CSTM)19:3016h 45m13-M-W-F-3AWest Central12188
12189Mahakoshal ExpressSuperfastDelhi Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM)18:1017h 25m27SMTWTFSSL 3A 2AWest Central12190
12192Shridham SF ExpressSuperfastNew Delhi (NDLS)17:4517h 55m20SMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1AWest Central12191
15010Chitrakoot ExpressExpressLucknow Junction (LJN)20:4012h 50m25SMTWTFSSL 3A 2ANorth Eastern15009
22181Jabalpur - Hazrat Nizamuddin Gondwana ExpressSuperfastDelhi Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM)15:0014h 20m13SMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1AWest Central22182
22188Jabalpur-Bhopal Habibganj Intercity ExpressSuperfastBhopal HabibGanj (HBJ)16:105h 55m8SMTWTFS2S CCWest Central22187
51701Jabalpur Rewa Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerRewa (REWA)07:305h 40m24SMTWTFSWest Central51702
58840Jabalpur-Nainpur-Nagpur NG Fast PassengerPassengerNagpur Junction (NGP)20:3019h 0m50SMTWTFS2S SLSouth East Central58839
58864Jabalpur Balaghat NG Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerBalaghat Junction (BTC)07:009h 35m24SMTWTFSSouth East Central58865
58868Jabalpur - Balaghat (NG) PassengerPassengerBalaghat Junction (BTC)18:058h 55m21SMTWTFS2S SLSouth East Central58867
58870Jabalpur - Balaghat (NG) PassengerPassengerBalaghat Junction (BTC)22:209h 10m21SMTWTFS2S SLSouth East Central58871
58876Jabalpur Nainpur NG Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerNainpur Junction (NIR)15:105h 40m13SMTWTFSSouth East Central

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