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Trains starting from Kamakhya Junction

02508Kamakhya-Chennai Central (Weekly) SF Puja SpecialSuperfastChennai Central (MAS)14:0048h 55m27-M-----SL 3A 2ANortheast Frontier02507
02552Kamakhya - Yesvantpur (Weekly) SF Puja SpecialSuperfastYesvantpur Junction (YPR)14:0052h 30m29---W---SL 3A 2A 1ANortheast Frontier02551
12520Kamakhya - Mumbai LTT AC ExpressSuperfastMumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT)20:5045h 0m24----T--3A 2A 1ANortheast Frontier12519
13247Capital ExpressExpressDanapur (DNR)05:0023h 58m41--TWTF-SL 3A 2A 1AEast Central13248
15472Kamakhya - Alipur Duar InterCity ExpressExpressAlipur Duar Junction (APDJ)16:306h 20m14SMTWTFS2SNortheast Frontier15471
15603Kamakhya Ledo Intercity ExpressExpressLedo (LEDO)19:4514h 15m31SMTWTFSSL 3A 2ANortheast Frontier15604
15605Kamakhya-Mariani InterCity ExpressExpressMariani Junction (MXN)19:4511h 45m23SMTWTFSSL 3ANortheast Frontier15606
15612Kamakhya-Mumbai LTT Karmabhoomi ExpressExpressMumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT)18:4552h 30m24------SSL 3A 2ANortheast Frontier15611
15620Kamakhya-Gaya Weekly ExpressExpressGaya Junction (GAYA)07:0022h 35m18-M-----SL 3ANortheast Frontier15619
15621Kamakhya - Delhi Anand Vihar T Weekly ExpressExpressDelhi Anand Vihar Terminal (ANVT)06:1035h 25m23----T--SL 3ANortheast Frontier15622
15644Kamakhya - Puri Weekly ExpressExpressPuri (PURI)23:4532h 0m21----T--SL 3A 2ANortheast Frontier15643
15662Kamakhya - Ranchi ExpressExpressRanchi Junction (RNC)12:3025h 45m23--T---SSL 3ANortheast Frontier15661
15665Kamakhya - Dimapur BG ExpressExpressDimapur (DMV)13:456h 5m8SMTWTFSSL 3A 2ANortheast Frontier15666
15668Kamakhya Gandhidham ExpressExpressGandhidham Junction (GIMB)11:0065h 0m33---W---SL 3A 2ANortheast Frontier15667
15669Nagaland ExpressExpressDimapur (DMV)23:106h 0m5SMTWTFSSL 3A 2ANortheast Frontier15670
19710Kamakhya-Jaipur Kavi Guru ExpressExpressJaipur Junction (JP)19:1546h 55m35----T--SL 3A 2ANorth Western19709
55601Kamakhya Lumding Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerLumding Junction (LMG)05:356h 30m24SMTWTFSNortheast Frontier55602
55612Kamakhya Fakiragram Fast Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerFakiragram Junction (FKM)23:005h 30m10SMTWTFSNortheast Frontier55611

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