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Trains starting from Lucknow Junction

01684Lucknow Jn. - Bhopal (Weekly) SpecialExpressBhopal Junction (BPL)00:1511h 15m7-----F-SL 3A 2AWest Central01683
02112Lucknow Jn-Mumbai LTT (One Trip) SF AC SpecialSuperfastMumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT)12:5023h 0m12------S3A 2A 1ACentral02111
05045Lucknow Jn. - Lalkuan (Weekly) Puja SpecialExpressLal Kuan Junction (LKU)23:257h 5m3----T--SL 3ANorth Eastern05046
05066Lucknow-Kaptanganj-Chhapra SpecialExpressChhapra Junction (CPR)20:2512h 0m12-M----SSL 3A 2ANorth Eastern05065
05311Lucknow Jn. - Ramnagar (Weekly) Intercity SpecialExpressRamnagar (RMR)23:259h 5m6-M-----2S CCNorth Eastern05312
09408Lucknow Jn - Ahmedabad (Weekly) Puja SpecialExpressAhmedabad Junction (ADI)02:3028h 30m22---W---SL 3A 2AWestern09407
09708Lucknow - Jaipur (Tri-weekly) SpecialExpressJaipur Junction (JP)12:2513h 20m15-M-W--SSL 3A 2ANorth Western09707
12104Lucknow Jn - Pune SF ExpressSuperfastPune Junction (PUNE)06:3025h 35m11S------SL 3A 2A 1ACentral12103
12108Lucknow - Mumbai LTT SF ExpressSuperfastMumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT)22:4524h 0m10S-T-T--SL 3A 2ACentral12107
12179Lucknow Agra InterCity SF ExpressSuperfastAgra Cantt. (AGC)15:456h 10m10SMTWTFS2S CCNorth Central12180
12532Lucknow - Gorakhpur SF InterCity ExpressSuperfastGorakhpur Junction (GKP)16:354h 55m9SMTWTFS2S CCNorth Eastern12531
12533Pushpak ExpressSuperfastMumbai CST (CSTM)19:4524h 20m15SMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1ANorth Eastern12534
12535Lucknow-Raipur Garib Rath ExpressGarib RathRaipur Junction (R)14:4016h 35m10-M--T--3ANorth Eastern12536
12593Lucknow-Bhopal Garib RathGarib RathBhopal Junction (BPL)22:4510h 50m4------S3ANorth Eastern12594
15008Krishak ExpressExpressManduadih (MUV)23:0514h 0m36SMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1ANorth Eastern15007
15009Chitrakoot ExpressExpressJabalpur Junction (JBP)17:3013h 45m25SMTWTFSSL 3A 2ANorth Eastern15010
15011Lucknow Chandigarh ExpressExpressChandigarh Junction (CDG)22:5515h 55m17SMTWTFSSL 3A 2ANorth Eastern15012
15204Lucknow-Barauni ExpressExpressBarauni Junction (BJU)15:0017h 30m35SMTWTFSSL 3AEast Central15203
16094Lucknow-Chennai ExpressExpressChennai Central (MAS)16:2041h 50m44-M--T--SL 3ASouthern16093
55032Lucknow Gonda Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerGonda Junction (GD)16:504h 40m22SMTWTFSNorth Eastern55031
55050Lucknow-Gonda Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerGonda Junction (GD)05:154h 30m22SMTWTFSNorth Eastern55049
64251Lucknow kanpur MEMUMEMUKanpur Central (CNB)05:401h 40m11SMTWTFSNorthern64252
64253Lucknow Kanpur Anwarganj MEMUMEMUKanpur Anwarganj (CPA)15:152h 35m12SMTWTFSNorthern
64255Lucknow Kanpur Anwarganj MEMUMEMUKanpur Anwarganj (CPA)18:302h 5m12SMTWTFSNorthern
64257Lucknow Kanpur MEMUMEMUKanpur Central (CNB)21:551h 43m11SMTWTFSNorthern
64272Lucknow Barabanki MEMUMEMUBarabanki Junction (BBK)08:301h 20m8SMTWTFSNorth Eastern64271
64274Lucknow Barabanki MEMUMEMUBarabanki Junction (BBK)18:151h 30m8SMTWTFSNorth Eastern64273

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