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02838Puri-Santragachi (Weekly) Puja SpecialExpressKolkata Santragachi Junction (SRC)18:208h 50m6------SSL 3A 2ASouth Eastern02837
03102Puri - Sealdah (Weekly) SF Puja SpecialSuperfastKolkata Sealdah (SDAH)23:459h 35m7S------SL 3A 2A 1AEastern03101
08010Puri - Santragachi (One Trip) Puja SpecialExpressKolkata Santragachi Junction (SRC)18:208h 50m6-----F-SL 3ASouth Eastern08009
08012Puri - Santragachi (One Trip) Puja SpecialExpressKolkata Santragachi Junction (SRC)23:009h 5m7S------SL 3A 2ASouth Eastern08011
08014Puri - Santragachi (One Trip) Puja SpecialExpressKolkata Santragachi Junction (SRC)05:309h 0m6-----F-SL 3ASouth Eastern08013
12146Puri-Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus ExpressSuperfastMumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT)21:2534h 5m25--T----SL 3A 2ACentral12145
12278Puri - Howrah Shatabdi ExpressShatabdiKolkata Howrah Junction (HWH)06:007h 45m6SMT-TFSCC ExEast Coast12277
12801Purushottam SF ExpressSuperfastNew Delhi (NDLS)21:4531h 5m27SMTWTFSSL 3A 2AEast Coast12802
12815Nandan Kanan ExpressSuperfastNew Delhi (NDLS)10:5530h 5m27-M-WT-SSL 3A 2AEast Coast12816
12822Dhauli ExpressSuperfastKolkata Howrah Junction (HWH)11:508h 25m13SMTWTFS2S CCSouth Eastern12821
12838Puri-Howrah SF ExpressSuperfastKolkata Howrah Junction (HWH)20:008h 50m12SMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1ASouth Eastern12837
12843Puri Ahmedabad SF ExpressSuperfastAhmedabad Junction (ADI)17:3037h 55m40--T-TFSSL 3A 2AEast Coast12844
12875Neelanchal SF ExpressSuperfastNew Delhi (NDLS)10:5534h 45m38S-T--F-SL 3A 2AEast Coast12876
12882Puri-Howrah Garib Rath ExpressGarib RathKolkata Howrah Junction (HWH)22:158h 50m7-M-W---3AEast Coast12881
12888Puri-Howrah Weekly SF ExpressSuperfastKolkata Howrah Junction (HWH)22:158h 50m9S------SL 3A 2ASouth Eastern12887
12896Puri-Howrah Weekly SF ExpressSuperfastKolkata Howrah Junction (HWH)22:158h 50m9----T--SL 3A 2ASouth Eastern12895
12994Puri-Gandhidham Weekly SF ExpressSuperfastGandhidham Junction (GIMB)19:4541h 35m25-M-----SL 3A 2AWestern12993
14710Puri - Bikaner ExpressExpressBikaner Junction (BKN)05:3041h 0m28---W---SL 3A 2ANorth Western14709
15639Puri - Guwahati ExpressExpressGuwahati (GHY)13:4532h 25m23--T----SL 3A 2ANortheast Frontier15640
15643Puri - Kamakhya Weekly ExpressExpressKamakhya Junction (KYQ)22:1530h 5m22------SSL 3A 2ANortheast Frontier15644
17479Puri-Tirupati ExpressExpressTirupati Main (TPTY)12:2528h 10m70SM-WTF-SL 3ASouth Central17480
18304Sambalpur ExpressExpressSambalpur Junction (SBP)15:256h 45m9SMTWTFS2S CCEast Coast18303
18401Puri-Okha Weekly ExpressExpressOkha (OKHA)08:5553h 0m39S------SL 3A 2AEast Coast18402
18405Puri Ahmedabad ExpressExpressAhmedabad Junction (ADI)18:2037h 5m38---W---SL 3A 2AEast Coast18406
18407Puri-Sai Nagar Shirdi Weekly ExpressExpressSainagar Shirdi (SNSI)22:1534h 10m24-----F-SL 3A 2AEast Coast18408
18410Sri Jagannath ExpressExpressKolkata Howrah Junction (HWH)22:309h 40m19SMTWTFSSL 3A 2AEast Coast18409
18414Puri Paradip InterCity ExpressExpressParadip (PRDP)06:153h 40m9SMTWTFSCCEast Coast18413
18416Puri Barbil ExpressExpressBarbil (BBN)06:1510h 30m25SMTWTFS2S CCEast Coast18415
18419Puri - Jaynagar Weekly ExpressExpressJaynagar (JYG)13:4523h 45m22----T--SL 3A 2AEast Coast18420
18425Puri Durg ExpressExpressDurg Junction (DURG)17:1516h 30m26SMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1AEast Coast18426
18449Puri-Patna Baidyanathdham ExpressExpressPatna Junction (PNBE)13:4520h 15m22-M-----SL 3A 2AEast Coast18450
18452Tapaswini ExpressExpressHatia (HTE)20:3515h 5m23SMTWTFSSL 3A 2A 1AEast Coast18451
18452-SlipTapaswini Express SlipExpressRayagada (RGDA)20:3516h 45m27SMTWTFSSLEast Coast18451
18473Puri-Jodhpur ExpressExpressJodhpur Junction (JU)13:3046h 30m40---W---SL 3A 2A 1AEast Coast18474
18477Kalinga Utkal ExpressExpressHaridwar Junction (HW)20:5547h 35m70SMTWTFSSL 3A 2AEast Coast18478
22202Puri-Sealdah Duronto ExpressDurontoKolkata Sealdah (SDAH)19:458h 15m1--T-T-SSL 3A 2A 1AEastern22201
22827Puri - Surat Weekly SF ExpressSuperfastSurat (ST)19:4531h 35m16S------SL 3A 2AEast Coast22828
22836Puri - Shalimar Weekly Superfast ExpressSuperfastKolkata Shalimar (SHM)22:159h 5m9--T----SL 3A 2ASouth Eastern22835
22859Puri-Chennai Central Weekly SF ExpressSuperfastChennai Central (MAS)17:3021h 25m19S------SL 3A 2AEast Coast22860
22866Puri - Mumbai LTT (Weekly) SF ExpressSuperfastMumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT)05:3032h 5m14--T----SL 3A 2AEast Coast22865
22878Puri Digha ExpressSuperfastDigha Flag Station (DGHA)23:359h 55m11---W---SL 3A 2AEast Coast22877
22883Puri-Yesvantapur Weekly Garib Rath ExpressGarib RathYesvantpur Junction (YPR)14:4529h 15m24-----F-3AEast Coast22884
22890Samudra Kanya SF ExpressSuperfastDigha Flag Station (DGHA)23:359h 55m11------SSL 3A 2AEast Coast22889
22910Puri-Valsad Weekly SF ExpressSuperfastValsad (BL)05:3038h 20m22S------SL 3A 2AWestern22909
58002Puri Santragachi Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerKolkata Santragachi Junction (SRC)09:4516h 0m87SMTWTFSSouth Eastern58001
58132Puri Rourkela Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerRourkela Junction (ROU)03:3016h 55m73SMTWTFSSouth Eastern58131
58408Puri - Khurda Road Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerKhurda Road Junction (KUR)17:451h 25m8SMTWTFSEast Coast58407
58410Puri Khurda Road Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerKhurda Road Junction (KUR)23:451h 45m9SMTWTFSEast Coast58409
58414Puri Talcher Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerTalcher (TLHR)16:206h 25m39SMTWTFSEast Coast58413
58416Puri-Cuttack Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerCuttack (CTC)08:003h 10m19SMTWTFSEast Coast58415
58417Puri Gunupur Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerGunupur (GNPR)08:3011h 15m58SMTWTFSEast Coast58418
58422Puri Angul Fast Passenger (UnReserved)PassengerAngul (ANGL)15:405h 55m28SMTWTFSEast Coast58421

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